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weird talking; low, suspiscous, conspirical call from this number 2-14-2010 11:00

This kid was texting me, telling me to go **** myself and other stuff. I think they're calling me while hiding their number as well. Really creepy, and if it's them.. 14 calsl within the past month.

This druggie broad called me late at night, demanded to know who I was with, then she tried to proposition me for getting cash so she could get high. I hung up and blocked the number for the future.

THey textedme and said they cut their thumb. I asked who it was and they said "hello"

this kid is evil i asked who it was and he said no

*800-350-2619 calls me every other day at/around 3-5:PM. They hang up immediately after I pick up. I tried calling them back to see WTF but, only got elevator 'like music for 56 minutes before I hung up. A co-worker analyzed the music and found encrypted subliminal messages beneath the 2nd layer of music; -filter out the static and then, filter out the instruments in the music and you can hear messages that are somewhat garbled. When I figure out what they are or, what they're trying to say,... -I'll post it here. Hollywood used to use subliminal messaging in their movies to get people in theaters to buy more soda, popcorn, smoke cigarettes,... before they made it illegal to do so. North Korea, Argentina, Cuba and most Communist and/or Totalitarian Dictatorship nations still use it in their national broadcasts. If someone else figures out the messages before I do,... please post it here.

Said it was important that I call them because it involved a criminal matter. It sounded like a telemarketing center with a bunch of people talking in the background.

Had a missed call, when I called back it was just a recording of some jazzy soprano sax music a lá Kenny G. WTF?

Random text received--- Fw: Budweiser is red, Budlight is blue, ur crazy as fuck, thats y i love u. U'r my buddy, a kick ass friend, if i dont get this back... Eff you then ;)

I think this was a Sen. Michael Bennet sponsored fake poll, and I have received it twice this week. It asks who would you vote for in the CO Senate Primary: 1) Michael Bennet 2) Undecided, and 3) Andrew Romanoff. I plan to vote for Andrew Romanoff. Both times I have received this robocall, I have press 3) for Romanoff, and on both occasions, the voice announcement says: "This is an invalid options." !!! The dirty politics begin . . . .

this guy is a scammer who runs a scam research and writing company in which you work for a month and then he never pays you, never answers your emails, and hangs up when you call. he said his company was "creative Publishing House"

This is just a general service call from Allstate -- calls from this number are usually courtesy calls letting you know that your policy is due to renew soon.

Says his name is John Brown, but you can barely understand him, has a foreign accent. Says he is calling about a pdl that I owe and that if I do not settle with him right away and give him my account information, the police will be on there way to come take me to Jail. This is of course a bogus, SCAM call. Some how these idiots get what little information they can about someone and get a land line and/or cell phone number and try and scam people into giving them their account information. The person calling is not even located in the US. Please Be Aware.

I got a text of some strange looking mixed Asian girl sitting in a psychology class. Confused, I sent a text back telling them they had the wrong number, the conversation continued until I told her I was a Senior in college, Probably stopped because I was probably much older, she wasnt attractive anyways!

Anyone know who the hell this is? I don't answer my phone if I don't recognize the number.

Caller was asking about a very large check sent to my business several weeks ago. That check was bogus, part of an overpayment/refund scam. The man hung up when I told him no legitimate check had been received.

You should be happy you received this call, but you are not awesome because you did not pick it up.

When they called I didn't get to answer it. But when I called back it said "You have reached our automated do not call list. To be added to the Do Not Call list, press 1 now." The number is listed as being in Glen Ellyn, IL?

Got this fax in over night at my place of business promising to the first 50 callers a $99 vaction bundle including airfare...of course I do no believe this...they have an open case in Maryland and are being that we can stop these scammers please report them to the fcc

He calls and asks me to buy some methamphetamine or he's gonna do bad things to my family. WTF?

Telemarketer trying to upsell and upgrade my free listing. It is basically a trap to get your information and then sell you more advertising, I wonder what else they will do with my information????

Last year I witnessed the PIBC/property inspection building and compliance, Inspectors serve an eviction notice. WOW!!!! they do not play around man, 4 deep in SUV Suburbans etc. very clean cut men an women all got out and served the eviction notice. They were very professional and managed to talk to the owner calmly by using the female Inspector... now that was cool. And she was hot, might I add....

stop being such a difficult better than me jerk and get it together. u think you know but you are too arrogant to see the prise. u probably like to see me upset cuz u get defensive to co ver your lack of better ..................i just dont know me w/you. u wanted me to doubt me well im not i know me take away me and i m in your control bye

I was told by AT&T that I had made a call to Toronto that I clearly did not make as I know no one in Canada. Also had a call to Hong Kong China on the same bill... WTF

Was told to call 10-10 then a number of someone that I knew. Told me that i had an important call from this number and that i need to call this number. This person never called me and had no message for me at all. Very fishy!!!!

I answered a call from this # and there was a prerecorded message promising to provide debt elimination. And the message instructed me to press 2 to be removed from the list and 1 to speak to a debt elimination specialist. I don't have any debt problems but I recently recieved a call from a "collector" trying to intimidate me, claiming that I owed on some passed due account. She got angry at me when I refused to confirm my identity and hung up. I wouldn't be surprised if this were a bait & switch scam being perpetrated by the very same "collector" or an associate. I didn't press anything, just hung up.

I'm based in Canada and have my number on the do not call list; however, I keep getting calls in from all over the states. This number was a recorded message about 'my credit' cards. I pressed '1' to speak to an operator. I asked her to take my number off their list, but she said that it had already been removed....obviously not! I get these calls at least once a day and even on weekends too!! They're such a pain.

psyco chick talking screaming that shes biological? what does this mean?

The person (female) called asking if I was gay. i said "yes" just to go along with it and not give them the satisfaction of making me angry. She asked "you are" and I again said "yes". She hung up.

Said he was with the Forsyth County Sheriff's Office and they were looking for ... a person by the name of...... When I ask he who he was and what was going on, he said he was just kidding..that he was not with the Sheriff's Ofiice. I told him that I had his name & number and would report him for pretending to be with the Sheriff's Office.. He hung up at that point.

Drunk. Heavy breather. Muttered obscene comments then started licking the receiver. More heavy breathing then said something about dolphins. Hung up.

Stated that I was going to be sued and reported to my local authorities but not what for. I've never broken the law in my life so I'm anxious for them to call the authorities so that I can present the numerous threats I've received from them and then sue them

If this person called you said she had the wrong number she meant it. She doesn't play on people's phones.

when this number calls my house they ask for someone in my house until they get someone who is actually home. they wait like 10 seconds before they answer me back its so dumb.. then they wont say who them are they just want my credit card info i ignore them and dont respond i hang up.. who is this calling me

Some crazy lady continues to call my number and leave voicemails thinking she is calling someone else. This is despite the fact that my voicemail says my name and I've answered it and told her that she has the wrong number.

This guy called my phone six times and refused to stop calling after I told him he had a wrong number - he told me that I had the wrong number!

Called my cellphone number announcing that a lower rate is available on my credit card. press 1 to speak to a rep. I ask which card. she says all visa and master card. I should have played it out with false information but it sounded like fraud

This person has been calling and texting and won't say who they BEWARE!!! I have all my friends calling this number so this person can get a taste of his own medicine! He's messing with the wrong person!!!

Messaged me "Whatz up" I responded "who is this", he replied "The guy you spent the night with last night" ... proceeded to be an asshole... never met him in my life

reached my business and left a message, claiming to want to sell me a piece of jewelry?! weird

called stated we kept calling at night and waking them up. They keep calling and complaining.. verified my phone is not making outbound to Jamaca.. being harrassed. and they keep calling back from different 876 numbers.. seems like a SCAM.

They called and didn't leave a name or number which I explicitly told the called to do in my voicemail message. This is an outrage.

Claiming to be a pro wrestler and musician manager, yelled about his Sprint invoices and refused to believe that my company is not affiliated with Sprint...

Was called by this # about a donation to Illinois PD...I refused knowing that anything I pledged would not go directly to PD. A few day later I received a letter in the mail thanking me for my $15.00 pledge (the one I never made) along with an envelope to return a check! Since then I have received numerous calls looking for this so called payment, the calls continue even though I have explained that I refused each time! Tried using the # to reach someone to get my name and # off their list and all I get is a busy signal. Ugh!!!

I have been getting call from this number since 2 days. I feel like being prescribed a call thrice a day forever by my doctor.@#$$*^LOL.. Nobody answers the call, when i dial back, it goes to fax machine sound. i googled it shows some college name with this number. who ever tries spamming are sure get slap when i discover them.

Number given by Alfred on Craigslist. Feels like a scam. Offering money for IT computer repair work done, but very vague on info and asking for personal information.

These bastards keep dialing me multiple times a day, always when I'm working, and never leave a message. If this is a business they are being very unprofessional and should at the very least leave a message about who they are and why they're calling.

Got some random call (pocket dialed I believe). It sounded like some form of business meeting.

Caller ID on my cell phone only shows phone numbers. I answered, but only got a hangup (which cost me one of my few "anytime" minutes... ARGH.

Asked for my father who had recently passed away, said she could help with his investment and works with his attorney and accountant. After explaining he was alset, without explaining he was no longer with me, she said "well girl you need to get a grip"! and hung up on me.

text picture of a dog's rear-end (a-hole) "Thats what hans thinks of me" WTF?

Had a message on my company phone fron some rednecks out on a Wednesday night at 4:02am. Obvious butt dial, lots of "I'll kick her ass" "WTF" "Can you drive?". Pretty funny stuff

This is a auto glass company in Gilbert who offers mobile windshield replacement. They were very nice and did a very good job replacing my windshield in my Mercedes. T

I see this # repeatedly on my missed calls, yet they never leave a message. I answered tonight, and a real live person said my first name, but then it was disconnected. WTF?

dont know who it was but i was called, i asked who it was.. girl on phone transfered me to someone else... then another transfer.. then one more.. then asking me who I was? umm ... no

looking for a friend that used me as a reference, must be late on their car payment.... annoying!

Media message with a bunch of pictures of boobs and a message to forward or I won't get laid for a year.

Bitch called early in the morning repeatedly. I shut the phone off. They didn't leave a message. They ruined a great dream. I hope they drop dead.

This person kept cursing on the other end saying the I called him/her first and that I am a moron, being dumb. Prank call. Don't answer!

Called repeatedly for days until I answered. Said she was calling on behalf of PeopleSearch. Asked me questions about where I lived, age, etc. When I asked her if I had to answer these questions she would not answer me. She somehow had my credit card info. She offered services for magazines and some kind of fraud protection. I told her I didn't want them, she told me I had to call certain phone numbers to cancel my "subscriptions." I called numbers she gave me and they didn't work. I ended up having charges on my credit card monthly that I did not authorize for $49.95 (magazines) and $29.99 ( fraud protection). Would love to throttle this woman.

Called home and work phone number 4 times in 10 minutes. Said they where my local emergency service or some crap. Promted me to push a number key, I hung up.

Other posts state they received same number at same time in Florida from telemarketer saying they are calling on behalf of Florida Bar Assoc. Doubt Florida Bar is in Washington selling courses this late at night!

He is an interpreter for the deaf.

She txt me for several txt messages trying to get me to give her personal information.and said her "friend" gave her my number and wanted her to have it and find out who i am..... don't give out personal information to anyone!! and i don't have friends that just give out my number without asking me first!!

text to land line, high shrieking laughter

Political pollster asking questions about a state senator.

I am trying to find out who this belongs to. my wife is shady and just started talking to this person?? please help

This guy says he lives alone and did not call at 6am but the same number has called between 6 and 605am every day this week. Stop calling my god d amn cell phone and waking me up PLEASE.

Ever since I stupidly gave out my number to these people I have been getting 1-2 phone calls, 4-5 times per week. Can you say harassment? Needless to say the NDP will not be getting my vote EVER again.

I have been notified that this is the last time I will have this number past on to me. I am not to be contacted at work. Please call my home phone. I usually return my calls if I am home before you close.

Called me at school. I am not to reached at my workplace I have a home phone. Personal calls are not forwarded to me at my work place. My boss has ask for these to stop and considers it as harassment. Once again I do have a home #. Call there!!!

Don't know how this person got out number, but they said they were from CNN and had both our cell and home numbers. They said we were listed as a contact for a story in Haiti. Almost no one has both our cell and home numbers, so I don't know how they got it....

I received a message from this number - no voice, just what sounded like gunfire for about 30 seconds.

if youu see this number show up on you caller idea please please please do not answer this who ever it is called me twice and is really annoying trying to be funny and apparently from what i heard it is a male im not sure how old making weird voices and noises over the phone

She asked for lucy. I got a funny vibe from her and checked this out online. She sounded nervous.

Said she got my number off a restroom wall. Only a lowlife would call a number from a restroom wall for any reason reguardless.

Did not leave a message. this is a new phone I got last week with so WTF?

Apparently this noodle place is just opening in Lahaina, Hawaii...and thought they needed to call me .

No message, some breathing on the phone. WTF?

Getting lots of text messages from this dingbat who ever s/he might be...

Text Message saying "Hey punk! I don't know who it is u think ur dealing w here! But u either give my bro real shit to give to me tonight, or I take ur name and number to the cops!

This is a load of crap...they say that I commited a fraud and that i will be arrested..i have reported this phone number anywhere I is a scam..they even call other family members.

This is a scam. They said they were calling about my credit cards (I have none).

It was a wrong number but damn! When he told me he worked at a bank, I went to check him out and he's just the hottest and funniest Asian loan officer I have ever met! Wow!

they called me advertising obgyn service. wtf?????

This number is part of a huge mail scam involving bad cashier's checks and offers of a job as a "mystery shopper". It'll cost you about $4,000 if you fall for it.

Someone from this number called our number and left a vile voice mail full of expletives - admonishing us for having called him! We have no idea who this is!

whoever this is is sending textmessages to a landline phone at all hours of the night. some are in english and some are in spanish. it wakes me up at night and it starting to become a royal pain

i'm really sick and tired of these damn calls.tonight was the first time i accually got to here the people stealing my line. i waste my time and energy to answer the damn thing ,just to know i've just opened my line for thieves and assholes!!@@!!!!!

this person calls me and never leaves a message, I don't know anyone in Salt Lake City Utah. They are a nuisance.

Pretty sure it was a scam but he did have all kinds of information Height weight eye color and last but not least information on my home loan. Wanted banking information and social security #.... put him on hold and looked up the number and found it listed on this page so I am adding my experience.


The man called on January 27 and asked for the address of our business as well as the name of manager, which he explained to send samples. He continued trying to get more personal information such as the manager's place of birth, etc. It was very wired. When we refused to answer and said "why do you ask us such questions?," he was embarrased and hung up. It seems that he was collecting information of retailers to sell database or something.

Calls over and over and won't talk back to me when I ask him who he's calling. One more call to my business and I contact the authorities.

This is a call from some one in jail

States I am owner of an absolutely new Bell cell phone with a bunch of added features to numerous to mention. He (broken english) and persistent wanted my date of birth and social Insurance # and was really ticked when I wouldn't give it to him.

gimme a shout

Busy forever, when I got through there was modem connection noise as if a computer was trying to connect.

Obvious BS call, First State Merchant Services my credit card processing company, he said they left a few messages at my number (not true) and that they have tagged my account as non responsive & non compliant by the PCI policies Blah, blah, blah ....I think he was reading from a script intentionally written to confuse me, plus everything he said ran on into 1 sentence. My name was never said by this person and wouldn't he have that information if he knew who he was calling?