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  • and i won't call back either, i bet it's those taxable numbers; or at least it looks like one!
  • Calling my cell, calling daily, and now in a Sunday. Hang up when I pick up, and I get disconnected when I call back. Very irritating.
  • Someone looking for Shaniqua keeps calling from this number!
  • They use pressure and you can not call them back. If you get a call from them file a complaint with the Ohio Attorney General. That is the only way to ever put a stop to these organizations
  • Actually nobody called me from this number, it was listed on a letter I received from MERIT GRANT INC. I am a mother of a very small child with many life long, life altering diseases and received a check made out to me in the amount of $2,985 for full payment of the administration fees on a federal grant I was approved for. I actually have filled out apps for such a grant to help care for my child due to my illnesses. ITS A TOTAL SCAM!! Its a real check and looks honest but being the sceptic I am I did a reverse address lookup on the check holders and found its a church that had financial documents stollen! please do NOT be a victim.
  • want me call back @@ it's a dirty phone pls close it !!
  • Sounded like a cross-gender freakshow trying to sell monogram gym shorts.
  • find people i've lost contact with
  • I have no idea who called me but they called me at 4:00 am California time. Isn't that illegal?
  • Called me at school. I am not to reached at my workplace I have a home phone. Personal calls are not forwarded to me at my work place. My boss has ask for these to stop and considers it as harassment. Once again I do have a home #. Call there!!!
  • They acted like they knew me and talked til i hung up.
  • you pick up and there's silence... then someone starts dialing
  • sent me a text message with profanity i DO NOT APPRECIATE
  • Sent me a text message asking if I was ready for church
  • happy thanksgiving
  • this guy is a scam artist stay away! He ripped me off for $1600 on ebay. TOTAL &ucking cockroach
  • hmm? wer bist du?
  • they said they were sending something out that my daughter had ordered. She has not ordered anything from goldwater, Mi. We cannot contact this comp. to stop it.
  • someone stating they from utah asking for an unknown person got pist when they said they got wrong number and said my number to me then said i no this is the right number then tried telling me who they are and just rude!!!!
  • left random message of doom
  • This is from a check-cashing scammer. When I asked them to provide proof (paperwork) of the reason for the call, they said that they were not required to provide that. By law, they ARE required to provide documentation, and I believe that since they said they were not, it is some kind of scam or illegal operation.
  • says I won a meet and greet dinner with the jonas brothers
  • He calls and asks me to buy some methamphetamine or he's gonna do bad things to my family. WTF?
  • Ok... if Income Tax (CCRA - I am in Canada) wants something they don't call and ask to speak with the "owner" they call and ask for you by name. I will not be returning this call....
  • Caller is in the orlando area and continues to call and leave offensive and deranged phone messages on my childrens phone.
  • called repeatedly, all times, even before 9am. no message. called back and got recording that call was in response to id, no, etc.
  • I called in to request being put on the do not call list. They just hung-up on me.
  • the koala trainer seeking kangaroo trainer
  • This number keeps calling me in the middle of the night. If I get an address for this person i'm going to launch a cruise missle at them
  • I have had several calls from this number and when I say hello there is no response.
  • Upon answering, call disconnects
  • This guy says he lives alone and did not call at 6am but the same number has called between 6 and 605am every day this week. Stop calling my god d amn cell phone and waking me up PLEASE.
  • So person texted me asked what ho iz diz was completely rude.
  • someone asking for Frank - wrong number, but it seemed like a prank call
  • they were looking for Joe or John. i told them they had the wrong number and they called and called and called. i dont even live in the 580 area code. they were some young kids bitching about something!!!
  • I guess she thought she was calling a Drug Dealer. Cuz she called and told me to hurry my ass up cuz she is Jonezing and that she thinks my crack is much better then someone named Trina. She obviously got the wrong number and when she realized that she said SHIT and hung up on me.
  • annoying wont stop calling and very rude curses a lot and sounds like a teen age guy
  • Left text message about Poise Pads. :-)
  • poses as a translator for Japanese porn stars. Collects $$ and splits.....warning.....
  • call between 3:40 and 4:40. disturbed more than five months
  • WTF!! im from sweden and this shieet calls me :O
  • Caller was asking about a very large check sent to my business several weeks ago. That check was bogus, part of an overpayment/refund scam. The man hung up when I told him no legitimate check had been received.
  • I didn't answer, but they have my house and cell number.
  • annoying teenagers keep making prank calls for the past 2 weeks.
  • The person drags money from your mobile when you answer!
  • rang 3 times and unsure who is they keep calling but never leave messages.
  • Got a retarded message from JAYME saying "no sleeping"....WTF?????
  • This person was very rude and thought I was Karen, the apparent girlfriend. I explained that I was not and then they wanted my information in case they dialed the wrong number again. I said I would not give out my information and then they began to get extremely vulgar. I was nothing but polite.
  • This guy has been stalking and trying to get me to do topless modeling. He won't stop calling!
  • this is some striper named jessica calling my phone looking for my man who i told her to quit calling now she is calling me. why cant she just leave it alone
  • If you are selling something BUGGER OFF!!!!!!
  • called...breathed into the phone like a fat guy running and hung up
  • asking to call them they were looking for girls and if I wanted my hair done. wierd. don't know who it is.
  • Don't know who it is - Don't bother calling probably a money stealing scam!
  • Turns out was a wrong number - but this guy said his name was Mark and was looking for his friend. Only reason I checked is he called 5 times.
  • Called and said he was with the FBI. Stated he needed to be wired money to handle lottery winnings.
  • This number calls at least 3 times a day, every single day! I owe absolutely no bills so it isn't a bill collector calling for anyone. They never leave a message, they hang up when I answer. It makes me so angry that I'd almost rather not talk to them!
  • Demanded a pizza taco with everything on it.
  • they try to sell factory warranty replacement services for autos that I don't own.
  • asking for shower information.. wrong!
  • kids making crank calls about hairy butts!!!!
  • left a 4 min message sounded like it was from the airport runway
  • I see this # repeatedly on my missed calls, yet they never leave a message. I answered tonight, and a real live person said my first name, but then it was disconnected. WTF?
  • prank call at 3:30 am
  • you have won a carabean holiday - fat chance
  • Dodgy scam on fake car for sale
  • They call day and night. Telemarketers who don't give a F**** if you are on the DO NOT CALL list or not!
  • I get this call every week. When I answer, the try to speak to me in Spanish. When I ask them to speak English, they hang up on me. Often, I am greeted with "Do you speekie spaneesh?"
  • Talked for 11 sec but cant remember it due to it was night and I was piss ass drunk
  • wrong number, click.
  • she was saying 'who's this'
  • No one spoke; it just sounded like the phone was on a bed that was being bounced on.
  • Claimed they were 'looking for a few people in my area' to help with some type of credit card processing or something. I'm surprised nobody else has gotten this one yet. They call me like once a month, probably about 8 times all together so far.
  • this person called three times at around 4 in the morning, they hung up every time i answered.
  • This is a scam. They said they were calling about my credit cards (I have none).
  • ****_a prank north pole call to santa_****
  • older sounding man called and he thought he called an escort service I think and hung up after I said no
  • If you get a call from this number tell them where to go. My phone was stolen and a load of calls were made to this number.
  • Some female making threats to me on CHRISTMAS DAY!I have no clue who it could be, I triend looking up the number on a phone lookup service, however, all I was able to find out was ther person is from stamford, CT. I don't even know anyone in that are. This person called several times.
  • This caller informed me about my lost luggage. Luggage carried by Delta Airlines. Check for more information.
  • I keep getting a call from someone/thing and the only thing I hear is a constant beeping. WTF's up with that?
  • they dont stop phoning even when u tell them not to phone again. very persistent!!
  • Stupid ass kid picked up when i called back after txt was sent to me asking me if i had anymore.. Anymore what??? Wtffffff
  • Was called by this # about a donation to Illinois PD...I refused knowing that anything I pledged would not go directly to PD. A few day later I received a letter in the mail thanking me for my $15.00 pledge (the one I never made) along with an envelope to return a check! Since then I have received numerous calls looking for this so called payment, the calls continue even though I have explained that I refused each time! Tried using the # to reach someone to get my name and # off their list and all I get is a busy signal. Ugh!!!
  • If they don't know how to pronounce your last name right , then hang up right away
  • Someone pretending to be the IRS and trying to rip off foreigners by telling them to fill out IRS forms.
  • who dis u jst called random??
  • crazy caller making up stories about knowing people and trying to get infromation
  • what's about the number you used. so not easy to call you.
  • If this ho called yo phone, ya better check ya man.....
  • I got a text message stating "tell me if ur # is working" from this number.. I can't seem to figure out who sent it .... I don't know anyone in Ontario and when I called back it was a general voice mail with no message...odd, I figured I wasn't the only one but there seems to be very little info on this number
  • Was sending texts, not calling. Talking about reading his bible.
  • This crazy lady calls all the time day and night, she doesnt speak english and still does not realize she has the wrong number. tried to block the number but cannot because it's a hawaii #.
  • it was sent in an email to my husbands hidden account and there is a naked fat chick on all fours... u might now wanna open it...
  • Sent a text message back and no response
  • Left a dirty text to land message on my work voice mail. I don't know the number and they certainly didn't leave a name.
  • Some kid who doesn't speak English and has loud music playing in the background. Unless you speak Spanish don't bother answering this phone call because it's probably spam.

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