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  • This dude calls you and talks to you as if he is hi on every substance known to man and several known to monkeys. He then proceeds to attempt the most abscent minded and abused prank calls ever, thinking they're funny of course because he is HI. He makes you want to crush the phone with your bare hands even if all you have to do is hang up.
  • strange sound like devil..
  • These people send you, or offer you, an opportunity to lose 30 lbs in 30 days and they pay you cash. Yeah right. What they are is a promo company for a plethera of crap you can take that might help you lose weight but, in the end, damages your body. In other words, you get cash off but end up paying more.
  • Apparently this noodle place is just opening in Lahaina, Hawaii...and thought they needed to call me .
  • Drunken asshole called threatening suicide at 2am. Don't know why he called me should have called someone that actually cares. Hung up and alerted local authorities who said they'd go over and assist him.
  • totally annoying
  • no idea who the F these are left me 2 calls requesting me by name to call them back on this number
  • Movies were due back
  • einfach aufgelegt
  • someone called my 80 year old mother and scammed her for $398 that she of course does not really have. They said they were from her bank and they needed her account number to verify that they were talking to her. These people are awful, now she's got charges for being overdrawn and is out the money plus the time and effort it now takes to repair the damages, these people are horrible preying on older people who are so easily confused! It's very frustrating!!!
  • Some add about New York mint releasing never-before seen uncirculated gold coins
  • hi this is madelyn i am was wondering how i could get a scholarship for upward soccer,and all chearleading.
  • pen intruduce.We met each other on China Import & Export Commodity Fair in Guangzhou last month and had a nice conversation. You showed strong interest in our flashing pens when we talked,
  • good morninig
  • Said he had seen me at work last week, he said I looked really familiar and wanted to know where I had gone to school. He was wanting to take me out on a date, asked if I was single I said no, and then asked how long we had been together... Said he really admired me for taking care of my body so well and that I was beautiful... Usually nice compliments, but creepy in this case.
  • Called and I answered and they never said anything, but hung up after 12 seconds.
  • Some one left a message on my voicemail saying 'you suck' in a really rude way. No name or anything. My phone was off.
  • insurance fraudster
  • Withdrawals Mysteriously showed up on my bank statement
  • Called 8 times in a ten minute period. Lots of background noise. Says something unintelligible, then hangs up.
  • This phone number showed up on my credit report-WTF?!?
  • A male person called my home at 12:07 a.m. on December 22, 2008. This person was harrassing, threatening and screaming at me about my dogs. Of course he didn't bother to actually read what was on the web page before he called. I lost my temper and said: check the dates idiot. A call after midnight concerned me as I thought it was an emergency. I hung up then called this nasty person back and left him a message. As you to bring to others In either thought or deed May you be so blessed In the life you lead Ten times ten plus one Whether this is Blessing Or Cursing be Is completely up to thee He called me back. When I picked up the phone I heard the music from my web page on the phone. He asked me why I called and how did I get his number. I told him I used caller ID and was returning his call. He said he didn't know anything about it. There was just him and his wife there. I said really the call came from your house that's how I got the number. Then he said his 10 year old son had made the call. I said 10 years old? He said well he is 13. I then said calls like that can result in a libel suit. He then said he was going to kick his son's a** Pretty amazing, since I heard the music from my web page when he called the second time. If there is a son it wasn't the kid that made the call. It was the moronic adult male on the phone making middle of the night harrasment calls. This nasty harrassing person has his phone service with vonage out of Orange Park Florida
  • Sorry Wrong number :D
  • need to find who this number is
  • Received this call 11/18/2009 on my private cell phone number which was recently assigned. Only information I could get from the internet was that it was New Mexico-based (which I knew) and that it was a T-Mobile account- cellular.
  • i DoNt Know WhAt GamEs r u TrYng To PlaY bUt LeT mE tElL u SoMeThing IlL do WhAtEvEr fOr NoT tO sEe yOu hAPpy. YoU ThInK pLaYiN wITh GiRlS fEeliNG aNd aCting LiKe A pLaYeR iS dOiN u aNy gooD? i wRoTe u LiL gIRl TO lEaVE yOu AloNE i ThInk Is wOrKIn I dOnT sEe Her As YoU frIeNd No MoRe. I wRoTe Her aNOthEr ShIt I jUsT fOUnd OuT aBoUt Ur StUpId AzZ sHe GoInG to HaTe YoU! ;). yOu WoNt Be HaPPY i GuArAnTeE U dAt. I lOvE mYsPaCe DoNHt YOU? psd: I jUsT fOund OuT u HaVe aNd STD u bEtTer check up UrSElf
  • this ladys need man badly call them, have superize
  • they call me non stop and hang out befor i can answer
  • texted me to play barber just for kicks. i'm on a bye week, you idiot.
  • Calls multiple(3-6) times a day -- nobody on other end when answered. WTF. Leave me alone!!!
  • ???????? - 9am on a Monday.
  • Called my phone 3 times on Saturday, but the 3rd call left a short musical tone on my voicemail.
  • Caller was asking about a very large check sent to my business several weeks ago. That check was bogus, part of an overpayment/refund scam. The man hung up when I told him no legitimate check had been received.
  • im tryin to look for a appportment so kan u help me out
  • Fraudster - Tries to meet up with sellers on Craigslist and then steal fancy jewelry like watches. I was lucky and had 4 buddies and a police officer in the area.
  • No idea who this is
  • he is a prank caller
  • She knew my name, identified herself as Joanna, when I asked Joanna who she hung-up. Tried calling it back and it's a fax.
  • Calling to ask a lot of questions about historic theaters in our city. Said she represented a firm that purchased old movie equipment. Stated she was doing research but pronounced all of the names incorrectly, so it felt like they were casting a wide net but not sure exactly why.
  • Calling on a Sunday at 2pm EST, to inquire if I"d like to purchase a plot in a local cemetary. Not just yet I told him. Besides, I am retiring to the Philippines and plan on having my ashes spread out over the South China Sea!
  • 484-406-8019 is some christmas joke. It is a recording from the north pole
  • The person called my cellphone 3 times within 10 minutes (I was unable to answer) the problem is that no one has my phone number who I do not know and that isn't even my area code!
  • Just called my toll free line and heard a fax when I answered. WTF!
  • They acted like they knew me and talked til i hung up.
  • con artists form china
  • These guys call here all the time claiming to be collecting for The Fraternal Order of Police... or the State police... or the Sherrif's... it's always different, but they use the same hard sell tactics.
  • nice people not rude. but never stop calling even if you tell them that you do not want to go to their school.
  • this number keep calling me all the time and when i pick up no one keep bothering me..plz do something
  • this # belongs 2 a dirty whore. if your man has this # have no doubt that they f*cKed
  • rude jerk trying to provide horribly priced computer repair services at an outrageous rate! Stay away. Warning, total con.
  • Got two calls, no caller ID except number.
  • sent a text message asking for my last name
  • Called a Stripper & Robbed her Young dark haired invited me to the dorms called from this number goes to school at uccs
  • i tried to call back and it says your call can not be completed as dialed, please check the number and try again....
  • Bitch called early in the morning repeatedly. I shut the phone off. They didn't leave a message. They ruined a great dream. I hope they drop dead.
  • you pick up and there's silence... then someone starts dialing
  • Try to tell you you have applied for a card, ask for you by name - even if you haven't applied.
  • It was like, my friend, but not.
  • dont answer, dont call back its a trick! lots of money for a minute..
  • Got a text message from this number saying "You're Dumb." ... replied with the question, "Who is this?" ... 5hrs later and no further messages. WTF??
  • Apparently this is "Nicole's" Phone But she had no record of calling me 3 times ???
  • WTF? This guy leaves a message saying he received my resume, and my experience fits "what we're doing here," and that he has a position for me. Who the fu*k called?
  • Un idiot care vrea sa vorbeasca si nu are cu cine, suna de tampit si deranjeaza oamenii care au treaba ! Si mai spune ca are multe firme !! Asta chiar viseaza !! Opriti idiotii sa mai comunice ca nu au ce !
  • somebody at this number is trying to send a fax and is calling my cell phone, over and over and over ........
  • 3 called trying to sell me mobile broadband from this number
  • He tries to sell you porno through webcams
  • called to annoy they call you for 1sec and disconnection they want you call them back
  • They called and didn't leave a name or number which I explicitly told the called to do in my voicemail message. This is an outrage.
  • Claiming to be a pro wrestler and musician manager, yelled about his Sprint invoices and refused to believe that my company is not affiliated with Sprint...
  • No voice, no message, nada.
  • Some chick called looking for a kid named Dave. She sounded pretty dumb and clueless when I told her it was the wrong number
  • WTF??? A guy called me from this number saying he saved my photo 3 months ago for a film and was interested in me as a talent, he had my name and telephone number but not my e-mail address. WTF??
  • This number is posted on some horrible autotune nightmare girl pop band. I'm not sure where it goes to.
  • told them take me off your calling list - ignored me
  • She is a Puppy thief!!
  • Recieved several calls from this number, no one there, silence on end of line ... prank ?
  • Customer service. Wanted to give me an update on my new account. Gee, for once it wasn't a collection call!
  • I'm not quite sure who this is but it is some kind of female trucker who talks like she has a wad of tobbacco in her mouth.
  • They called and all you heard was someone smacking on what sounded like gum.
  • somebody just calls and keep the line open. you can hear the conversations. Some times a child says Hello..and nothing else. No adult ever speaks..I also received couple of SMSs around new year..i do not know this number and person.
  • If this girlie calls you then you know you are special!
  • They called at 5:40am..I was asleep and answered, they hung up. I called back and they answered "trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat" and hung up. I tried calling answer or answering machine. (It is Halloween though)
  • Fake Photographer. Seems Creepy.
  • Called and someone said doing call check. We are a business in WV..not sure why a call such as this was placed.
  • The rudest, most idiotic person ever... A real a-hole.
  • Caller in spanish asking for myself, I told him that I was not him, but his cousin. He said that he need to speak to me. He said that there was an order for my arrest and my cousins. Then the call was disconnected.
  • Not sure who this is yet, but multiple calls in a row at 1AM from this number starting 12/26/09
  • she want ur money
  • Asking about my Ex-Husband said they used to go out and she wanted a forwarding #! She's probably pregnant he used to be a service technician there! What a whore said she had "news" for him? Snotty Bitch
  • If you want to buy Nusasiri condo pls contract me 0866298896 I am wait you call.
  • Calling my daughter (16) at 3:30am... Watch out for this creep!!
  • I have recieved many calls from this number and each time it is the same man with a different name. He advised me that I had unpaid loans and if I did not pay them I would be arrested. He had my full social security number, address, etc... all of my personal information. There is a lot of backround noise and his accent is real thick. This is a scam. The number is a Verizon number but when you call it back it tells you that they cannot be reached. I have otehr numbers from this scam and they all cannot be reached. Do not give them any money!!!
  • Crank caller. just calls and calls
  • This person calls my husband right after he gets home from work. WTH. Find your own man! That wasn't an accidental call!
  • Machine saying that my car warranty is about to expire, etc.
  • I did not recognize the number and did not pick up. They did not leave a message.
  • Little kid cranked called about a pants party. Probably made up the number.
  • The guy was a total asshole. Calling every 10 minutes, late into the night, swearing and using profanity and crude statements. Took it to the police and they dealt with it.
  • stragely some of these numbers are from my ex.....:S

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