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  • She is a nice girl. I like getting calls from her.
  • Says his name is John Brown, but you can barely understand him, has a foreign accent. Says he is calling about a pdl that I owe and that if I do not settle with him right away and give him my account information, the police will be on there way to come take me to Jail. This is of course a bogus, SCAM call. Some how these idiots get what little information they can about someone and get a land line and/or cell phone number and try and scam people into giving them their account information. The person calling is not even located in the US. Please Be Aware.
  • Left a message with my roommate that I should call ASAP. Stated that my Mother had used some of my personal information, etc. NOT! Tried to get information from my roommate. From other postings I've seen....want you to call back and confirm personal info; SSN#, etc. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME TALKING TO THEM!!!
  • this number calls and calls and keeps on calling. noisy background. cannot make out what person is trying to say.
  • either a prankster or a disturbed veteran
  • you are a big pink pig with a big portrait you make me sick
  • Number given by Alfred on Craigslist. Feels like a scam. Offering money for IT computer repair work done, but very vague on info and asking for personal information.
  • Some survey for diabetes. I didn't recognize the survey taker, so I asked to be taken off their list. Also, the call sounded like it was from overseas, and the call had a distinct English accent...I think from the Philippines.
  • This person kidnapped my 18 month old nephew. I need help finding his address
  • left a text message and picture of 'Santa in the Summer'.
  • Aggressive Caller, Sarcastic, refused to remove from list. Our approach was to frustrate them with calm, suggestions on improving their sales to call ratio They did not like that they could not get a rise out of me.
  • Left a nasty page.
  • Making up ficticious things about peoples personal lives. Nice try. Didnt work.
  • Someone pretending to be the IRS and trying to rip off foreigners by telling them to fill out IRS forms.
  • Said he had seen me at work last week, he said I looked really familiar and wanted to know where I had gone to school. He was wanting to take me out on a date, asked if I was single I said no, and then asked how long we had been together... Said he really admired me for taking care of my body so well and that I was beautiful... Usually nice compliments, but creepy in this case.
  • Caller ID said MCCS. Must be linked to a call center as the person on the line spoke with an India accent
  • stop being such a difficult better than me jerk and get it together. u think you know but you are too arrogant to see the prise. u probably like to see me upset cuz u get defensive to co ver your lack of better ..................i just dont know me w/you. u wanted me to doubt me well im not i know me take away me and i m in your control bye
  • I answered and it was a strange, beeping sound. Like a fax number.
  • This is a scam targeted towards military personnel that asks the member to report with your personal information to confirm that you and/or your dependents were not harmed by the events that took place in Haiti. It comes across as some sort of a recall. Heads up to any military member. If you are supposed to report on any such incident you will be directed by your Commander or Supervisor. This email was also accompanied by a 1-900 number. That was the big tip. There is really no excuse to fall for this one.
  • this person is a cheater. malaysian police is watching this guy for internet abuse and spam
  • This number texted a threatning message.
  • l love yu like a fat boy likes the lunch bell!!!!:) send this to all 15 of ur besties!!!. haha.... Kugaar!:) .x
  • this nr has send a stange message to a friend of mine and he thinks that I have send this message
  • Loud TV in the background, did not speak clearly, mumbled my name
  • Text Message saying "Hey punk! I don't know who it is u think ur dealing w here! But u either give my bro real shit to give to me tonight, or I take ur name and number to the cops!
  • Asked me who I was and then said "its his day".
  • Anonymous, very disturbing crank call from a young teenage girl.
  • this peron called me asking me stuff about my family friends. she knew me better than i did. this. well to make a long story short i hungout with some peeps back in the day that were doin some shady stuff. and i got introuble for it too. which i shouldnt have went to jail at all. just becuase i lived at that place . at the wrongplace at the wrong time with stupid friends. 3 weeks later my door was kickd in and i was bum rushed. BEWAREEEEE. i read some other blogs that were saying this person isnt real. but the jail sint no joke. only if i knew
  • wtf. calling me at 5 59 am. I dont even know your ass. You must b crazy!
  • They decided not to answer when i said "hello" 5 times.
  • Beware of Boiler Rooms!
  • Customer service. Wanted to give me an update on my new account. Gee, for once it wasn't a collection call!
  • bâtard de numéro surtaxer !!!!!
  • Today I have received multiple calls from this number and every time I answer the phone there is no one there. The person keeps calling over and over again.
  • this guy calls and asks me out...I find out he is married and has met his wife and she is a beautiful and a sweet lady...women call her if he hits on you for real....she deserves better than him. and she deserves to know!!!
  • It costs me several euros per month, I don't call them, they don't call me.. I have no idea what this is about but I don't like it.
  • This number belongs to a scam artist on Craig's list
  • this man is a prank
  • Another call from an automated machine (with a 000 domain number) warning me my car warranty is about to expire. For someone that lives downtown and doesn't own a car, this is getting really annoying.
  • Was sending texts, not calling. Talking about reading his bible.
  • he is a good person knows how to communicate with others
  • calls and makes noise, i call back, answers with noise..
  • Spam about claiming compensation about an accident.
  • Annoyed me for quite a while just letting the phone ring.
  • Told me i was gonna be on tv with my 3 brothers ?? WTF?
  • Kid txting threatining messages
  • just noises of people in the background what is this some sort of joke
  • I get this call every week. When I answer, the try to speak to me in Spanish. When I ask them to speak English, they hang up on me. Often, I am greeted with "Do you speekie spaneesh?"
  • they said it was a government grant program but when i looked it up it was an online business. When I asked them to take me off the list the caller said "ok, you have a sexy voice" what is with these people!!!!!
  • I newer call back, when number is unknown
  • Dont answer!
  • Calls multiple(3-6) times a day -- nobody on other end when answered. WTF. Leave me alone!!!
  • Anastasia, like Russian Royalty. Beaverhousen, like where the beaver live.
  • this is what happens when u give a bum a cell phone..
  • I got this prank call from this number. The person who owns this phone should go to jail
  • A note was found on my car wrapped in cigarette cellophanes. it said my name and left this number stating that the person wanted to talk to me about something. no name was left and the number is actually a cell phone belonging to a real estate agent named steve.
  • they said they loved me. weird
  • I have no idea who called me but they called me at 4:00 am California time. Isn't that illegal?
  • dont know who it was but i was called, i asked who it was.. girl on phone transfered me to someone else... then another transfer.. then one more.. then asking me who I was? umm ... no
  • Con! scam targeting the elderly with bogus FBI story. Do not send these thieves money.
  • when this number calls my house they ask for someone in my house until they get someone who is actually home. they wait like 10 seconds before they answer me back its so dumb.. then they wont say who them are they just want my credit card info i ignore them and dont respond i hang up.. who is this calling me
  • This was man wanted to offer me discount prescription drugs
  • they keep sending me dirty pics through a txt message
  • Repeatedly called and even left a voicemail saying, "Baby, I know you."
  • Called 36 times in October. No message left. Cannot reach a person when attempting call back.
  • crazy caller making up stories about knowing people and trying to get infromation
  • constant calling night and day. no messages left. just constant calling. no id
  • Asked for person in charge of Advertising
  • chinese buffet
  • got a call from this number. Nobody answered from the other side..
  • am geting callas from this its so annyong
  • this person calls me and never leaves a message, I don't know anyone in Salt Lake City Utah. They are a nuisance.
  • Looks like this is a timeshare thing. Win a lincoln navigator, $2500 cashiers check, a three day two night ticket to Mexico, or a 32' flat screen Toshiba tv. Will let you know what happens on Friday when I go. Nothing to lose but time. They said no matter what I will walk away with one of the four prizes just for showing up.
  • sent me a text message with picture of I <heart shape> then a couple of stick figures in a oral act.
  • They call all times of day & evening - never leave a message so I never pick up. Prior note states it's automated & claims to be BOA. Will inquire with BOA.
  • Somebody from this number called and said they needed to update my 911 contact info for the FCC. Uhhhh...
  • Called my work line left no message
  • called at my place of employment recieved transferd call no one on the other line
  • I received text "Hey sexy girl :-) send me a hot pic :-) i'll send you one too
  • Leave my princess alone. She is going to be my bride on christmas day
  • This number filed a false complaint on my home phone service.
  • Leaves a message for someone to ring him regarding a "delicate financial matter".
  • they called me this morning. i answered and said hello a few times but no response.
  • A number consumer direct provides to cancel service automatice checking withdrawals .... surprise! The lines are always busy you can not get through...attempts to cancell by email result in repeated reference back to view their services ......anyone please help, if you know how to reach these people to cancel service.
  • This guy is shady and is always burning people. He keeps starting new businesses and websites, then writes checks that bounce, then closes the business and moves on. Beware of this man
  • no one on the line. when i called back the phone just rang.
  • I tried calling the number back and got the voicemessage that says, "You have reached the Sprint voicemail box of......"
  • They hanged up after 2 secs, So I will call them back. It's a premium number... 2GBP per minute. Beware
  • Scam artists guys watch out! Robbed me of my cellphone!
  • Don't know what they are saying, but they call daily.
  • a girl asked for me by name i said "who is this!!?" then she hung up...?
  • calls within ten minutes at a time over and over 4 times today..
  • Like nothing you have ever known or ever will!!
  • Asked for a Detective Lanagan. Caller sounded nervous. When asked what area code she meant to dial, caller got nervous and said 959 or 951.
  • Nummer nicht vergeben!

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