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  • This is a auto glass company in Gilbert who offers mobile windshield replacement. They were very nice and did a very good job replacing my windshield in my Mercedes. T
  • sent me a text message with picture of I <heart shape> then a couple of stick figures in a oral act.
  • they prank called
  • Rando text messages from this person stating you have aids and should get tested
  • I one there. 10 seconds later I get Texts messages saying "Hey" and "wuts up?" and "we dnt kno each other bt i was wonderin if u would lyke 2 get 2 kno each other" I texted back and said, "no, you sound like a 12 year old girl with learning disabilities" I got this back "all you had to say was no"
  • this number is for dental practices looking to order Oraverse it reverses the lingering numbness that local anesthesia causes
  • Ask that which position you are, why does my handset have your telephone number?I know you?
  • Your phone number was added by another user in SPAMList. And now you will attacked by SPAMers!!! Happy new year!
  • He calls and asks me to buy some methamphetamine or he's gonna do bad things to my family. WTF?
  • i found this number on a 20 dollar bill
  • He keeps texting my phone says "He's serving our country, whore." he's sent over 200 messages saying that same thing over and over again and when I call the number it goes straight to voice mail.
  • Great Manners, Polite and Helpful
  • keeps coming up unknown so dont answer!
  • Making up ficticious things about peoples personal lives. Nice try. Didnt work.
  • Caller ID on my cell phone only shows phone numbers. I answered, but only got a hangup (which cost me one of my few "anytime" minutes... ARGH.
  • absolutly nobody on the other side. they call then hang up. Probally a automated telemartketing thing.
  • This number apparently belongs to someone who likes to play annoying or harrassing games. A series of calls at 5:45 in the morning was followed up by a call at 7:05 PM the next day. It seems to be a variation of the old game whereby several people call asking for a certain name, and subsequently, another person calls and says, Hi! I'm XXX. Were there any calls for me?
  • An english woman called me, I couldn't clearly understand her name, it sounded strange a little. She wanted to talk to somebody but obviously she made a wrong call... It's just that 99.9% of my calls are usually only in french :P that's weird :P
  • Dear legislative representative, My name is Sharon Rossanda and i am writing this letter to talk to you about a serious matter, global warming. It has affected many of us and many of the species living here on Earth. While you may have been warned about this conflict going on, I feel my voice should be heard among those others who support the same idea. We may recognize that we have a problem, but we are not doing anything to fix it. Many sources cause global warming, but there are many to be named. One thing that worries me lots are the threatened and endangered species. We might loose these species before our later generations may even be born
  • It was a wrong number but damn! When he told me he worked at a bank, I went to check him out and he's just the hottest and funniest Asian loan officer I have ever met! Wow!
  • im not sure who it was but they txt my boyfriend and said " YOU BETTER ROLE UP" ,, have no idea who it is
  • this number calls and calls and keeps on calling. noisy background. cannot make out what person is trying to say.
  • just noises of people in the background what is this some sort of joke
  • Crank caller. just calls and calls
  • Try to tell you you have applied for a card, ask for you by name - even if you haven't applied.
  • Most likely to be a girl named Sanna, from Upplands Väsby , Stockholm, Sweden
  • This schmuck called at dinner time. *ssholes! Must be some loser jagoff solicitor who should be flogged.
  • This guy called my phone six times and refused to stop calling after I told him he had a wrong number - he told me that I had the wrong number!
  • guy is evil. watch out. i hear he eats kitties. for real.
  • Male enhancement products specifically aimed at gay men.
  • For C**st sake this is becoming intolerable. Somebody has to do something about his. SCM.
  • calls and talks filth to women..if you get hold of him..please teach him a lesson
  • A wonderful marketing company for dentists.
  • rang 3 times and unsure who is they keep calling but never leave messages.
  • Some guy in canada that keeps calling in the middle of the night saying sorry
  • i had a repair scheduled and apparently they were calling me back
  • This number is my property manager. If you owe rent, I wouldnt
  • its my number in egypt
  • Vodafone Germany Costumer Center, IDIOTS! call me at 6h in the morning... what the fuck..
  • It was an sms that was sent to me. A pre-recorded voice told me this, and asked if I wanted to have it read for me, and so i dialled 1 for that. And the message was really weird - sounded something like dutch, with a bright female laughter in between, it was like a combination of french, swedish, english, german, japanese, and whatnot. Weirdest thing that ever happened to me.
  • just kept hear a beep like the phone line was being recorded
  • Sleazy salesman who was very pushy and beligerant. His name is Glen Rumpel. Total A$$hole!
  • Fascinating, all that you can do trough the internet. But you shall not worry, this just the person whoms apartment you are occupuing. I mean really, I hope you come home soon.
  • old ass pearson lives in pearland
  • When I tried calling this number back, I got a recording advising that the number had been "temporarily dis-connected". How obnoxious is that? I make a point of refusing to buy anything from pushy, obnoxious, telemarketers.
  • Bill asked me to change he's dipairs.
  • left a voice mail message informing us that it was required by law but left no name????? also the number is false!!
  • They did not leave a message, but the number was on my call id. I called it back and a young girl said she was trying to set up a conference call with me and someone else. I asked who the other person was and she said she was not sure who the other person was. Sounds like a scam of some sort...
  • some guy named steve wanted to know if I wanted to sell my house and I live in an apartment. They called three times and did not stop until I told them I was on the do not call list
  • said they were from the DEA and wanted money wired within 2 hours to PR and DR to advoid FBI serving papers on me..SCAM>>>this happened on 10-28-08
  • sollten sie mich weiter anrufen , gehe ich weiter
  • WTF? This guy leaves a message saying he received my resume, and my experience fits "what we're doing here," and that he has a position for me. Who the fu*k called?
  • I got a text from this number asking me who this is. Why the f would you text an unknown number asking who it is.
  • Had a missed call, when I called back it was just a recording of some jazzy soprano sax music a lá Kenny G. WTF?
  • someone usung this number is texting my friends asking to meetup and i have no idea how they got my contact numbers
  • Calling my cell, calling daily, and now in a Sunday. Hang up when I pick up, and I get disconnected when I call back. Very irritating.
  • Man was very rude and condescending. Beware of an ill mannered person
  • Several silent calls from this number lately.
  • They keep calling me about my warranty... When I try to connect to a rep it just rings a million times and no answer. Can't call number back
  • WTF??? A guy called me from this number saying he saved my photo 3 months ago for a film and was interested in me as a talent, he had my name and telephone number but not my e-mail address. WTF??
  • Sends blank messages and weird pics
  • Pasa Pizza In Malden, Ma
  • Might be a collections call looking for the wrong phone number. They called twice today.
  • Been sending stalker'ish texts in the middle of the night. Says they got your number from facebook.
  • I recieved a a phonecall, in finland, from this number, i didn't call back (i usually don't in these cases) But if someone has answered to this number/called back, please leave a note here! :)
  • I don't know who this lady is but she gave me a dog and now won't give me the vet info for the dog. She says it has had it's shots but I need proof and know I should of not taken the dog till I got the shot records. She should of had them at that time when I got the dog and don't know who wouldn't have a copy of the shot records of their dogs at home.
  • I picked up the call and some guy with a really low voice was talking, except it was really hard to hear him. I heard "auto insurance" or something, so I hung up- telemarketer, I think.
  • Said was with BPC calling about a relative very rude.
  • Was supposively calling from extense then was biligerant on the phone, and now wont answer when I call back, i am to old for little boys prank calling
  • This guy has called every single day since May 2008, even on weekends and holidays. I even had an attorney send him a letter asking him to stop, and he still calls every day. I am filing a restraining order against him, he's psycho!
  • Some crazy woman calls my wife at 3am looking for her putty cat . Woman needs to be locked up.
  • He calls my gf for having sex
  • Says I owed money and threatened me. Claimed I placed bets.
  • Number given by Alfred on Craigslist. Feels like a scam. Offering money for IT computer repair work done, but very vague on info and asking for personal information.
  • Leaves a message for someone to ring him regarding a "delicate financial matter".
  • called to annoy they call you for 1sec and disconnection they want you call them back
  • Hang-up call. Internet search leads me to believe it is some crook pharmacy.
  • I have been notified that this is the last time I will have this number past on to me. I am not to be contacted at work. Please call my home phone. I usually return my calls if I am home before you close.
  • Hi please give me your credit card
  • I received text "Hey sexy girl :-) send me a hot pic :-) i'll send you one too
  • Keeps calling our house and when you pick up it beeps like a fax is trying to come through. The Caller ID says Sherman W. So annoying!
  • a spanish sounding man called saying he knows me and that we met tottenham court road
  • D. A. called my house at 2:00 a.m. and let the phone ring like crazy till my machine picked up! If you know this D.A. tell them thanks for waking my household b%$#@!
  • KEEP AWAY FROM THIS GIRL. cheated me of 200$. asks u to buy for a greendot card ,and never repaid. am sure she is on the Craigslist hunting for victims
  • is it fun to sell stuff that u dont got ; ) ?
  • Robocall for free satellite tv system. Not a valid call back number. Calls have been coming weekly for months Who are these creeps?
  • Said very rude and obnoxious and homo-sexually-charged things to me. A disgusting, pervert.
  • Dud i am in lov wit dis girl, but yah she trid 2 prnk cl me nd forgt to blok her numbir.
  • disturb me with sexual voice and message using nonsense word like sex WORD . .PLS BLOCK THIS NUMBER!!!
  • You keep calling my number, then when I answer, you hang up. You have the wrong number.
  • These people said they were from United National Bank and were part of the Federal Banking Association and that i owed a debt and charges were being pressed against me the next day. They couldn't giv me any information about the court i was supposed to go to, who i owed the money too, etc. They had the last 4 of my ssn, my old checking account number and my email address. Watch out for these people. They are good scam artisits. REally no how to scare the poo out of you. said i was going to jail for check fraud.
  • text picture of a dog's rear-end (a-hole) "Thats what hans thinks of me" WTF?
  • Who is the person responsible for this phone number. He/she is bothering me with calls that are silly and irritating.
  • Un No. d'un connard qui fait un sondage de merde!!!
  • this man is a prank
  • If they don't know how to pronounce your last name right , then hang up right away
  • they want to lend money to lease computer equipment and copies, etc. at a small-haha HUGE % rate.
  • i want my number back

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