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  • this phone number is coming through my private personal cricket phone number. I don't know who they are or how they got my number. Have sent sexually explicit emails. URrrrrrr
  • calls and hangs up when answered repeatedly.
  • it's the number to the parking citation office. bummer.
  • who the fuck is Hollander Cohen?
  • She is a Puppy thief!!
  • They called my brother, asked if he had their number, insulted him, and hung up. I called them, asked who it might be, and they insulted me the same way, lol . My friend called them and they asked who the F*** it was and hung up. We don't know how they got my brother's phone number, so it was mighty strange :P
  • this nr has send a stange message to a friend of mine and he thinks that I have send this message
  • Asked for Taniya. She reported she was attempting to contact a care provider for her mother, and must have gotten a wrong phone number. She said "there must be a reason I got in touch with you" and asked if she could say a prayer for me, and wanted my full name. After the prayer, I thanked her and hung up.
  • Horrible "trash" accent so it was hard to make out her name sounded like ambulance with a V. She did NOT say what company she was calling from. Could have been a bill collecter. I am a 2 weeks late on a car payment. Not very professional if it was.
  • sent a redemption voucher with a 7 day car voucher and $150 gas rebate - seems like a fraud
  • call disconnected and would not release my phone line. Had to have my phonecompany reset phone.
  • It was an sms that was sent to me. A pre-recorded voice told me this, and asked if I wanted to have it read for me, and so i dialled 1 for that. And the message was really weird - sounded something like dutch, with a bright female laughter in between, it was like a combination of french, swedish, english, german, japanese, and whatnot. Weirdest thing that ever happened to me.
  • Called home and work phone number 4 times in 10 minutes. Said they where my local emergency service or some crap. Promted me to push a number key, I hung up.
  • Texted at 5:00 am "hey dont save her". What does that mean?
  • I was sent a friendship msg on text. And i think the same person tried to seduce me through text.
  • These losers keep calling ( tele marketing ) Will not take no for an answer.
  • It's a copier toner scam. They get your copier make and model then send off toner to you. What typically costs $50 from our normal supplier they charged $500. They're impossible to get a hold of.
  • Some crazy lady continues to call my number and leave voicemails thinking she is calling someone else. This is despite the fact that my voicemail says my name and I've answered it and told her that she has the wrong number.
  • Person dialed my number in their pocket.
  • Called and let it ring once and just hung up.
  • Nigerian investment scam regarding Venezualan oil money and AIDS.
  • Called multiple times in one afternoon. Wouldn't leave a voice mail.
  • At & T is charging us for many calls we supposedly made to 415-623-6024. Nobody at home made those calls and when I dial the number to see whom it belongs to...nobody answer!!! The same bill came with a charge for a call to Afganistan!!! we never ever made that call either...
  • bâtard de numéro surtaxer !!!!!
  • Crazy ass baby mama. Ain't got no job and thinks other people are supposed to help her police her man.
  • I have caller ID on my phone and will not answer this number as I think it is a call center. It calls everyday!
  • Debt collector threatening my nursing license. What crap!!
  • Carpet cleaning company in sheffield
  • weird person called
  • I am just looking up this number for boredom reason. Its on a persons craiglist post for a prostitute.
  • Called at 5:06 AM!! I just hung up -- It may have been a fax, but didn't wait around to find out. Had already been awaked at midnight by three other fax calls from "Out of area"
  • i got a call from this number but it was unanswered when i call who could be this
  • Said she got my number off a restroom wall. Only a lowlife would call a number from a restroom wall for any reason reguardless.
  • totally annoying text messages, after blocking those, started to get really sick pic messages with threats of violence
  • They call me on sunday morning at 6h50. They leave me a message to ask me if I have traveled. If so, they asked to call back at this number to get back a red luggage left without identification. If the luggage have no id, how can they call me? I didn't travel on Air Canada since 25 yrs. Seem to be a scam.
  • called 02:25am from Sunday to Monday, just hung up, left no message. Very frustrating
  • If I answer they cannot speak english if my husband answers they ask him who he is and get rude. they are calling all hours of the day and night. I tell them they have the wrong # and hang up and they call back again.
  • they try to sell factory warranty replacement services for autos that I don't own.
  • Some closeted gay guy who plays games instead of hooking up. His pics look nothing like him either.
  • WHO ARE YOU? AND WHY DO YOU CALL ME ALL DAY? WHEN I CALL BACK YOU SAY YOU had CALL WRONG NUMBER Don't call me again. Or I will file a police report
  • Calling about our wireless plan - it didn't sound legit
  • direspected me he calling askin for someone in my family and i asked who it was and he said dont worry about it and it was progressed to more disrepect he needs to be fired.
  • No idea who is this is. When I try to return call it is disconnected.
  • Called repeatedly. Just heard people talking in the background but no one responded when I said hi.
  • I received text "Hey sexy girl :-) send me a hot pic :-) i'll send you one too
  • Repeated calls to my number over a span of several weeks.
  • Dial 888-382-1222 from your phone to add the number you are calling from to the National DNC Registry.
  • He called asking about sex and he kept calling!
  • Wanted the phone number of the local school. What am I, directory assistance?
  • this person calls me and never leaves a message, I don't know anyone in Salt Lake City Utah. They are a nuisance.
  • Said very rude and obnoxious and homo-sexually-charged things to me. A disgusting, pervert.
  • No idea what this is, but they call a hundred times a day.
  • I'am lookink for nokia N97.... no reponse
  • She is this annoying valley girl who is always calling me to talk about the lastest gossip from wherever she is.
  • "...get paid for using your cell phone:...random.
  • Caller ID said MCCS. Must be linked to a call center as the person on the line spoke with an India accent
  • is it fun to sell stuff that u dont got ; ) ?
  • Called repeatedly for days until I answered. Said she was calling on behalf of PeopleSearch. Asked me questions about where I lived, age, etc. When I asked her if I had to answer these questions she would not answer me. She somehow had my credit card info. She offered services for magazines and some kind of fraud protection. I told her I didn't want them, she told me I had to call certain phone numbers to cancel my "subscriptions." I called numbers she gave me and they didn't work. I ended up having charges on my credit card monthly that I did not authorize for $49.95 (magazines) and $29.99 ( fraud protection). Would love to throttle this woman.
  • This phone was lost by my daughter please return it to her immediately! She is an Angel, A Muse and Amazing. This is my wish. Love Mom
  • Total idiot. Called me at 3am, mumbling like he was whacked out and drunk. Then called me AGAIN twenty minutes later, even more incoherent. Kinda guy you just want to "reach out and touch". With a plank.
  • I have no idea, probably a sales person which we never answer.....
  • this site is a waste of my time
  • Person called at 1235am and hung up when I answered.
  • Wierd, the person sends sms in swedish
  • Recieved several calls from this number, no one there, silence on end of line ... prank ?
  • Anonymous, very disturbing crank call from a young teenage girl.
  • This is a special FBI trace line. All calls forwarded to this number by agents when they activate their auto forward feature on their phone are placed into the Terrorist lookup Database for further FBI involvement and investigation
  • Someone from UK called me to Thailand, and my Thai provider charge my telephone account. I will inform my Thai provider to block this number.
  • Didnt answer phone, but rang 1471 and pressed 3 to ring back and all i got was "this number is not recognised" well ok then... how the f**k did it ring me then
  • what's about the number you used. so not easy to call you.
  • Texts started out innocent enough "hi", "what's up?". When I asked "who is this?" the response was "don't trip". I then went to the internet to find out the location of the area code. I responded "I don't know anyone in Utah". IT responded "Maybe I got the wrong # r u a guy or girl?" Now seriously, if IT had the wrong number, why should it matter weather I am male or female? I knew I was DONE at that point.
  • Angeblicher gewinn wird nur gegen Kontonummer übergeben. Abzocke!!!
  • They say you've won a watch as part of a sweepstakes for anyone with a good credit card history. They want you to subscribe to a magazine or you don't get the watch. They say it is a watch valued at 800.00 Dollars. I declined and now I'm going to turn them over to the FTC.
  • Bank of America Lottery Scam
  • Very garbled voice and rude
  • some sexy guy
  • You just called...something special??
  • Claiming to be a pro wrestler and musician manager, yelled about his Sprint invoices and refused to believe that my company is not affiliated with Sprint...
  • I was told by AT&T that I had made a call to Toronto that I clearly did not make as I know no one in Canada. Also had a call to Hong Kong China on the same bill... WTF
  • So person texted me asked what ho iz diz was completely rude.
  • That is what the voice mail says. Calls and when I answer, hangs up or there are muffled spunds in the background. I'm not the only person who has this problem with this number.
  • Finland newspaper reporter
  • I got a couple of calls too with silence. Maybe these guys call random numbers to see who will pick up, and then add the phone number to their junk mail list. By calling several times, they can also probably figure out when someone is likely to pick up the phone.
  • Recieving unknown phone calls from this #...
  • Very bitchy woman, mistakenly dialed, jumped down my throat.
  • I got this prank call from this number. The person who owns this phone should go to jail
  • This is the SL County jail. Someone you know is probably in the slammer!! Only answer if you want to bail em out.
  • Money Mark. This is a check cashing place.
  • weird talking; low, suspiscous, conspirical call from this number 2-14-2010 11:00
  • I love these things. I keep getting calls from this number to my work phone. I may have dialed it when going through backpage or craigslist.
  • calls my cell throughout the day ...wont leave a message and when I answer ... nothing, no one will speak back, tried calling and I get a recording that tells me to hold .... I hold and hold and hold ... and nothing! grrrr
  • i have no idea, i always hung up every time this number calls. All this man talking machine says to me is "This is the second warning your warranty on your car...." i don't even have a car.
  • I get 3-4 calls in one burst from this machine. Happens about once a month.
  • then sent me a text about how they had just crossed the boder and needed some money and a place to stay so they could get away from the police
  • they asked for my name and the number seemed dodgy so i cut them off when they asked for my name
  • this girl call me and ask me what am I doing. she said she had a old 0937 phone and don't use any more. I don't like to chat with someone unknown. I'm from Taiwan and found the site on google.
  • The guy was a total asshole. Calling every 10 minutes, late into the night, swearing and using profanity and crude statements. Took it to the police and they dealt with it.

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