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  • i need to know who she is
  • If you pick up on the first 2 rings they will start talking. I got a girl who wanted to enter my into a contest. They will give you a false name that is registered to your phone number DO NOT give them your real name AT ALL. They then ask for your personal information and are essentially collecting your info to sell to other companies or stealing your identity. I don't know which one but I'm not planning on finding out.
  • will call either at 8 am or 8 pm everyday. never leaves a voicemail.
  • The woman who called said she was unaware of the no-call registry.
  • Phantom caller, second time in two days. Leaves no message.
  • This is just a general service call from Allstate -- calls from this number are usually courtesy calls letting you know that your policy is due to renew soon.
  • just noises of people in the background what is this some sort of joke
  • I got a religious text message - and i asked who they were - they said GOD - WTF? I don't mind text messages, but tell me who the F*** you are.
  • this is obviously a fraudulent call from thiefs attempting to gain credit card info or other personal information from anyone dumb enough to give it to them; don't do it, just hang up!
  • Called from "pocketklubben", and tried to sell drugs.
  • They seem to be market research but they are all computerized and in french. On January 1 they call at 6am and have call 7 times so far this morning. I wished they'd stop.
  • skinny speed freak with a bone breaker pimp offers sex for cheap could be a victim
  • Rude and obnoxiuos
  • i had an unknown call i answered and it or they hung up on me
  • guy who sounded like arnold schwarzenegger askin me to talk to my mother and demanded me to give him some clothes then i he said i'll be back (arnold schwarzenegger voice) and sayin hasta la vista baby then hung up what a moron
  • This numbers calls attempting a fax almost every single day. try the fax line!!!!!!!!
  • This fellow is obviously s uneducated, angry and aggressive on the phone and has left a phone message that would not make his mom proud.
  • Media message with a bunch of pictures of boobs and a message to forward or I won't get laid for a year.
  • its time to be confirmed Christine Elizabeth. I will be waiting for your soul. Love Jesus Christ YOUR Savior
  • These guys call here all the time claiming to be collecting for The Fraternal Order of Police... or the State police... or the Sherrif's... it's always different, but they use the same hard sell tactics.
  • Called at 5:06 AM!! I just hung up -- It may have been a fax, but didn't wait around to find out. Had already been awaked at midnight by three other fax calls from "Out of area"
  • Sounded like a cross-gender freakshow trying to sell monogram gym shorts.
  • Trying to sell me phones. told em to fuck off.
  • I received a text message on my phone today saying that unusual activity had been reported on my State Dept Federal Credit Account - which I don't think exists. Then it gives a number to call. I called it, and the automated teller says it will ask for three pieces of information starting with your 16 digit credit or debit card number - any credit card number, and nothing about it sounded like the usual government hotlines. Of course, I didn't give this so I don't know what happens next. Here is the number 866-890-5153. Just FYI to you all.
  • he does shitty work and is a cheating bastard. and cant fuck with his small dick :-)
  • Claims to be BT accounts demanding payments for unpaid bills. Totally false and a con. Claims he will cut the caller off as proof he is BT, then keeps the line open with mute button down so the subscriber can not make outgoing calls and the phone is dead. He then rings back and repeats the demand for immediate payment by credit card or debit card, total con. Police have been informed.
  • Never applied or asked for this service and they repeated call my cell phone waisting for usable minuets on my phone. when i answered the call and asked to speak with a representative as soon as i was connected and told them my probleem they hung up on me. They should be disconnected for phone abuse!
  • Bill asked me to change he's dipairs.
  • Indian girl called, looking to sell platinum cards, offering me access to money. They ask if I work or am self employed. I said I'm not looking for cards, and they rudely put the phone down.
  • She tried to steal my man
  • Some jerk called and asked who is in charge of maintenance. then hung up immediately.
  • called and sounded very intoxicated and didn't make any sense
  • But I keep getting text messages from this person!! I wish it would stop!
  • Today I have received multiple calls from this number and every time I answer the phone there is no one there. The person keeps calling over and over again.
  • just anonymous calls on mobile
  • text picture of a dog's rear-end (a-hole) "Thats what hans thinks of me" WTF?
  • This is a phone number from 1993 with the Macho Man Randy Savage in it promoting the WWF Macho Machine - a workout system.
  • tried to send an SMS but she (i think it's a she) responded wisely without revealing her identity what a smartass!!!!
  • Total idiot. Called me at 3am, mumbling like he was whacked out and drunk. Then called me AGAIN twenty minutes later, even more incoherent. Kinda guy you just want to "reach out and touch". With a plank.
  • land line hung up AFTER i answered, google maps took me to their front door tho, looked awfully ghetto. i have a dirty dildo im gonna throw in their yard if they call back.
  • text message offering credit card, then offered to remove from list if i text back, DO NOT TEXT BACK you will be added to their list automatically
  • I don't know but tried to call 50 thousands times
  • Svetlana spoke Russian and wanted to sell long distance service to Ukraine.
  • I am trying to find out who this belongs to. my wife is shady and just started talking to this person?? please help
  • Wrong number curious as to who it was
  • have called me repeatedly
  • She left a message asking for me by name to call back, which I did. Angela answered my call back and I asked who she was and what company she was calling from, she blurted out some company name said it was a financial institution, I asked what kind, she replied she could not disclose that information, so I said thank you and hung up.
  • Netherlands Internet Fraud!! Caution
  • Kölns größte Schlampe!
  • I keep telling them they have the wrong number, but they don't listen. They call back periodically. Annoying
  • sent a text message asking for my last name
  • it's a fake number to advertise a scam. don't call back.
  • left a voice mail message informing us that it was required by law but left no name????? also the number is false!!
  • Leaves crank phone calls, talking about marijuana, returned call to this number and a Christina was on the voice mail.
  • the call i got was from legal division . john had given my case number and i had resolved this case out of court . this was genuine
  • When i answered the phone no one would talk. Almost as if it were a standoff!
  • Contractors beware!!! This man is a house fliper. He buys run down houses that should be condemned and try to make them like new by bandaid the problems and makeing them look cosmetically appealing. He already knows what he wants to pay and he will go into contract with your company or your person and add work, complain several times a day about all the help on the job and when you get 90% done he will tell to leave he`s not happy with the work and wont pay at all. He wants all work halfass done and then wants it redone again and done right for free.
  • If you want to buy Nusasiri condo pls contract me 0866298896 I am wait you call.
  • This number keeps calling my home and I never answer it and no message is left!!!
  • Racial abuse from this number
  • Talked over answering message. Something about a trip to the Bahamas.
  • left some strange messege, I really couldn't understand what the guy was saying... he sounded far away and there was to much static. It was wierd how me and my sister got the same call two minutes apart. I'm in texas and she''s in Illinois.
  • Calls and tries to sell a 'boot camp' exercise group. He is like 15 with some muscles and doesn't deliver. He hopes that young, nieve, people will buy his 'services' which are basic exercises you can do at home! It's a waste of time and MONEY!
  • There was a weird noise and yelling between two people (a guy and a girl) then the guy yelled "GO AHEAD ASK HER IF SHE'S TALKED TO YOUR BOYFRIEND!!!" Then they hung up.. It was really weird
  • I called back twice, and they hung up on me before even talking. Finally they answered by saying "Sunshine GMC" which, I hung up on them.
  • you have won a carabean holiday - fat chance
  • this number is on a leaflet for ukraine clothes collection for poverty????? hmm!!!!!
  • Received this call after dropping off an opossum at the Santa Clara Humane Society
  • Someone called, I think my ex chick. Haven't talked to her in at least a couple years.
  • prank calling the emergency room
  • Seriously! 17 calls from this number on New Years Day! No message left.
  • calls and hangs up when answered repeatedly.
  • Lovely ladies out there are calling!
  • They hanged up after 2 secs, So I will call them back. It's a premium number... 2GBP per minute. Beware
  • They just call and hang up without leaving a message. Scum.
  • please call me back- ain
  • Left a 2 messages to call her back - one at 18.34 and one at 20.55. The calls were made to my place of work which closes at 18.00.
  • I have had several calls from this number and when I say hello there is no response.
  • direspected me he calling askin for someone in my family and i asked who it was and he said dont worry about it and it was progressed to more disrepect he needs to be fired.
  • Last year I witnessed the PIBC/property inspection building and compliance, Inspectors serve an eviction notice. WOW!!!! they do not play around man, 4 deep in SUV Suburbans etc. very clean cut men an women all got out and served the eviction notice. They were very professional and managed to talk to the owner calmly by using the female Inspector... now that was cool. And she was hot, might I add....
  • Fraud call, claiming my VOIP phone line incurred $5-$10 in SMS overages. Receivec Dec 8, 2008 at approx 15:05 EST.
  • Not sure who this is yet, but multiple calls in a row at 1AM from this number starting 12/26/09
  • you are a big pink pig with a big portrait you make me sick
  • three calls in two days no answer on ring back
  • Angeblicher gewinn wird nur gegen Kontonummer übergeben. Abzocke!!!
  • They don't even answer when I'm saying hello.
  • want me call back @@ it's a dirty phone pls close it !!
  • insane, cheater, puppy killer...oh yeah and he is a deputy.....LOSER
  • Fraudster - Tries to meet up with sellers on Craigslist and then steal fancy jewelry like watches. I was lucky and had 4 buddies and a police officer in the area.
  • I'm not wearing my coveralls now, bitch
  • something called Fry? insurance proclaiming that i had got in a car accident, but it was bullshit because they even got my name wrong....
  • This person called me after school about 3 years ago. I live in the 914 area and the person got my number somehow.
  • calling for someone who does not live here
  • Calling my daughter (16) at 3:30am... Watch out for this creep!!
  • Txt Message received as below; --------------------------------------------- FRM:S-D-F-C-U MSG:You need to verify your State Department F.C.U. acct(unusual activity),call at 8668905153 Date : 12/08/2008 Time : 09:10 ------------------------------ So, many people are receiving such a suspicious message.
  • Money Mark. This is a check cashing place.
  • Kept calling all night. WTF?
  • They said they replaced windows in the area and wanted to know if our home had original windows? Told them we had them replaced and they hung up.

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