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  • When I tried calling this number back, I got a recording advising that the number had been "temporarily dis-connected". How obnoxious is that? I make a point of refusing to buy anything from pushy, obnoxious, telemarketers.
  • has ad on craigs list, just wonderie dif she was for real. she looks too good and perfect to be for real.
  • Finland newspaper reporter
  • Perverted calls! Un-approriate!
  • Scam artists guys watch out! Robbed me of my cellphone!
  • Called, and hung up.
  • Txt Message received as below; --------------------------------------------- FRM:S-D-F-C-U MSG:You need to verify your State Department F.C.U. acct(unusual activity),call at 8668905153 Date : 12/08/2008 Time : 09:10 ------------------------------ So, many people are receiving such a suspicious message.
  • Caller is in the orlando area and continues to call and leave offensive and deranged phone messages on my childrens phone.
  • They just left a rambling message which made no sense and left this number. When I called back, no one answered.
  • It was a very weird call, I was creeped out, he had a creepy tome of voice that reminded me of something a serial killer would sound like, if anyone eles feels the same way please leave a message, i will check back periodically to make sure Im not crazy! this was wayyy too weird
  • Shady tactics. They leaving urgent messages on neighbors answering machines with reference numbers. "It's an emergency that they call me imediately". Lower than low tactics!
  • This guy is shady and is always burning people. He keeps starting new businesses and websites, then writes checks that bounce, then closes the business and moves on. Beware of this man
  • annoying wont stop calling and very rude curses a lot and sounds like a teen age guy
  • Dropped an F-Bomb and hung up.
  • Machine saying that my car warranty is about to expire, etc.
  • this girl call me and ask me what am I doing. she said she had a old 0937 phone and don't use any more. I don't like to chat with someone unknown. I'm from Taiwan and found the site on google.
  • No way! So crap went down today and I found his wifey! We have been datin for months! How many girlfriends does this male hooker have!?!?!!
  • Says I owed money and threatened me. Claimed I placed bets.
  • home wrecker in san jose, he aided in breaking up a 17, almost 18 year relationship!
  • this number is on a leaflet for ukraine clothes collection for poverty????? hmm!!!!!
  • He keeps callin my number sayin its over with his wife! Who btw is preggos with his wild animal! He iz a cheater and he told me before!
  • stop searching for my number on the internet
  • Called a Stripper & Robbed her Young dark haired invited me to the dorms called from this number goes to school at uccs
  • 0787537252 Keeps sending text messages to my email address. Keeps saying Mumbo Jumbo 2. Any ideas?
  • Keeps asking if I want to buy pet society items...I don't even know what that is!
  • If you get a call from this number tell them where to go. My phone was stolen and a load of calls were made to this number.
  • Random call at 5:34 am. No idea who or why.
  • I don't know who's calling from this number. Caller ID says San Antonio, TX. I don't know anybody there. They keep on calling almost daily. How can I stop this? Sometimes I am busy with my child and other duties around the house, just to stop them to find out that is another call from them
  • He keeps calling. He'll say 'Hi' and then he'll hang up. When I call back, I get 'This phone number is no longer in service'. It's really weird.
  • Demanded a pizza taco with everything on it.
  • Constant middle of the night calls, no voice, just a silent minute long voice mail
  • sent a text message asking for my last name
  • Who is this, i don't speak turkish so eh,, i dont know?
  • I've recently lost my job and spend more at home. This number calls my landline 3 times a day. I have caller display and so far I have avoided picking up but think I will pick up and tell them that this is harrassment.
  • Said very rude and obnoxious and homo-sexually-charged things to me. A disgusting, pervert.
  • Telling me I have to update my acct info..... I don't have a wacovia bank acct... WTF???
  • Calls me and another on my plan once every few days. Left a strange voice mail that consisted of what sounded like Indian spiritual music.
  • Unknown number. Missed the call but they did not leave a number. I have had numerous "spam" phone calls to my cell recently, so I am assuming this is one of those. Don't know how they got my number, I'm even on the nat'l do not call registry!
  • I just got a call from this number and it played a recording in Spanish saying: "Congratulations, the cash register has opened, you have won $2,000..." The message itself was very strange. I hung up and called back from a different line. Another machine picked up and said: "This is a travel related call, if you would like to be removed from our database press 1 and enter the phone number". I do not trust that these people will remove my number, so I did not enter it. I wonder how they got my number in the first place, this is a private work number!
  • Its a woman. She lives in CA near sanora i think. IDK?? tis why im here at this site fml
  • hi girl,do you forget me . I feel so sad. can you call me?
  • This number calls at least 3 times a day, every single day! I owe absolutely no bills so it isn't a bill collector calling for anyone. They never leave a message, they hang up when I answer. It makes me so angry that I'd almost rather not talk to them!
  • He called asking about sex and he kept calling!
  • I just received a text from this number stating to call but i don't have any accounts with Wachovia. CRAZy
  • Who is this guy & why doesn't he leave a name?
  • pen intruduce.We met each other on China Import & Export Commodity Fair in Guangzhou last month and had a nice conversation. You showed strong interest in our flashing pens when we talked,
  • the call i got was from legal division . john had given my case number and i had resolved this case out of court . this was genuine
  • either a prankster or a disturbed veteran
  • crack and meth head out of reaford florida! dont hire him to cut your grass cause he will steal everything u got! hope dcf takes his children away from him asap!
  • This person calls and talks some asian language and they call alot. report them to the police. It appears to be a scam
  • tried to send an SMS but she (i think it's a she) responded wisely without revealing her identity what a smartass!!!!
  • Sounds like a cute guy, i'd do him.
  • left a text message and picture of 'Santa in the Summer'.
  • This is a phone number from 1993 with the Macho Man Randy Savage in it promoting the WWF Macho Machine - a workout system.
  • I one there. 10 seconds later I get Texts messages saying "Hey" and "wuts up?" and "we dnt kno each other bt i was wonderin if u would lyke 2 get 2 kno each other" I texted back and said, "no, you sound like a 12 year old girl with learning disabilities" I got this back "all you had to say was no"
  • SICK!!! I just found a new hydro shop! well I guess they found me actually...
  • Wanted money to invest in his business in Nigeria
  • They don't even answer when I'm saying hello.
  • Says his name is John Brown, but you can barely understand him, has a foreign accent. Says he is calling about a pdl that I owe and that if I do not settle with him right away and give him my account information, the police will be on there way to come take me to Jail. This is of course a bogus, SCAM call. Some how these idiots get what little information they can about someone and get a land line and/or cell phone number and try and scam people into giving them their account information. The person calling is not even located in the US. Please Be Aware.
  • Spam SMS; do not reply and waste your money!
  • Don´t pick up the phone, it´s someone wired
  • This is a special FBI trace line. All calls forwarded to this number by agents when they activate their auto forward feature on their phone are placed into the Terrorist lookup Database for further FBI involvement and investigation
  • This unknown number appears on my cell phone.
  • I got this prank call from this number. The person who owns this phone should go to jail
  • Some guy in canada that keeps calling in the middle of the night saying sorry
  • Would not give last name. Was very worried my number was the "po-leese". Wanted to know if someone had called for Jeanine. He called several times one evening in a 15 minute span, then again the next morning at about 5:30AM. Sounds paranoid. Drug dealer?
  • Wanted To Offer Me A Free Sex Trail... CREEP!!!!!!
  • This is just a general service call from Allstate -- calls from this number are usually courtesy calls letting you know that your policy is due to renew soon.
  • WTF??? A guy called me from this number saying he saved my photo 3 months ago for a film and was interested in me as a talent, he had my name and telephone number but not my e-mail address. WTF??
  • They were trying to reach my ex-husband and hung on up me as I was trying to ask if they would like to leave a message I called back and they were rude and unresponsive. who the F*ck are these people?
  • This person is a minor that claims he owns his own business and needs models. The above number is a cell phone through Cingular Wireless. DO NOT TRUST ANYTHING FROM THE ABOVE CELL PHONE NUMBER!
  • Movies were due back
  • He is a "street Mechanic", does "on the spot" bodywork, for example he will ask approx $350 for a simple dent, then will do a "quickie job" in about 20, maybe 30 minutes in which he will punch thru the side, heat up the metal with a blowtorch, push the dent out with a crowbar and then want $350.00 (this comes out to approx $700 - $900 an hour)
  • Your phone number was added by another user in SPAMList. And now you will attacked by SPAMers!!! Happy new year!
  • I got a text of some strange looking mixed Asian girl sitting in a psychology class. Confused, I sent a text back telling them they had the wrong number, the conversation continued until I told her I was a Senior in college, Probably stopped because I was probably much older, she wasnt attractive anyways!
  • don`t give up
  • they said they were sending something out that my daughter had ordered. She has not ordered anything from goldwater, Mi. We cannot contact this comp. to stop it.
  • Anastasia, like Russian Royalty. Beaverhousen, like where the beaver live.
  • This is a scam. They said they were calling about my credit cards (I have none).
  • Called at 5:06 AM!! I just hung up -- It may have been a fax, but didn't wait around to find out. Had already been awaked at midnight by three other fax calls from "Out of area"
  • Someone has called me a couple of times!! Who is it?? Should I answer?
  • si può sapere di chi è questo numero? grazie
  • They decided not to answer when i said "hello" 5 times.
  • called my blackberry, no message. Called back, music playing immediatly.
  • Mans voice asked for RJ and had alot of screaming (womens voice) in the background. Repeatly asked for RJ...
  • If you pick up on the first 2 rings they will start talking. I got a girl who wanted to enter my into a contest. They will give you a false name that is registered to your phone number DO NOT give them your real name AT ALL. They then ask for your personal information and are essentially collecting your info to sell to other companies or stealing your identity. I don't know which one but I'm not planning on finding out.
  • Some stupid text message stating it a ghost and to reply.
  • Take me off this list !!!! Dont Call
  • This jerk called three different pizza places and made huge orders. He then called the local police department and reported a break-in. Since it is now a crime the cops will be investigating.
  • he is a thiff watch out
  • Asked me who I was and then said "its his day".
  • they keep calling us but we don't know who they are. does anybody know?
  • this number appears on my bank statment as 'meal 2 go' i have no knowledge of any such transaction?
  • they are debt collectors that do not follow the Fair Decbt Collection Act
  • "Its alright to be a redneck." was a text message. I didnt respond for fear of my cell phone possibly being hacked.
  • I didn't answer this call. Was hoping someone else did so I could find out what this was.
  • called several times on a company phone but beeped only
  • I didn't receive a call, just a bizarre text message "Wat we have to study for our science test *D@ R€@L FROM D@ R€ALIST*

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