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  • This is a ripoff premium txt service, ie: they get you to opt-in by downloading a free ringtone or some other shit from their WAP site, then they send you bullshit txt messages asking you to download stuff you dont want but charge you for every txt, in New zealand it is $3.50 per txt ( 1.50GBP ) they keep on sending you txts until you run out of credit, which usually only takes a few hours, unless you are on a monthly plan, then your fu*ked. Whatever you do dont go near them, they are total scamsters. If you do get one of their txts txt STOP back to them to unsubscribe, hopefully before you run out of credit. J
  • he is a thiff watch out
  • my grandmother had her phone turned on in a rented house 4 to 5 calls a day from this number came in even after we told them the home owner does not live here and gave them his number i called this "company" they are in a different state and have no record of our number making me believe the number is falsifying whom they say they are
  • I owed a bill and had to make payment arragements
  • asta e unu de trimite mesaje ca ai castigat ceva si se da drept COSMOTE
  • Sends blank messages and weird pics
  • This dude calls you and talks to you as if he is hi on every substance known to man and several known to monkeys. He then proceeds to attempt the most abscent minded and abused prank calls ever, thinking they're funny of course because he is HI. He makes you want to crush the phone with your bare hands even if all you have to do is hang up.
  • Wanted money to invest in his business in Nigeria
  • some drunk bastart wanted directions to his home at 02h00 in the morning!
  • He called asking about sex and he kept calling!
  • on my mobile 9am, and "hung up". automated line checker for generating a mobile # phone book to sell on?
  • somebody at this number is trying to send a fax and is calling my cell phone, over and over and over ........
  • Received prank call from this phone number in regards to his "mobile meth lab" catching a rental motor home on fire.
  • Some one left a message on my voicemail saying 'you suck' in a really rude way. No name or anything. My phone was off.
  • Religious Maniac. Satanist?
  • I picked up the call and some guy with a really low voice was talking, except it was really hard to hear him. I heard "auto insurance" or something, so I hung up- telemarketer, I think.
  • Keeps calling my 13 year old son's cell phone looking for Mikey Dudley. My son has had this phone for 2 years now. I don't know a Mikey Dudley.
  • This guy calls martial arts clubs, talks rubbish then hangs up.
  • please call me back- ain
  • Green genderless gorillas grow gargantuan gastric gorse goggles, groping gaggles of gel gargling geese, and giblets gently gathering gapingly gross gaps.
  • This person called my brother and said he had won 1.5 million plus 500 cash .He said that his company is "winners international" His name was James Kennedy and in order to recieve this money he would have to pay 250.00. He said that this 250.00 would pay the taxes and shipping and handling. I researched the number and it came from Jamacia. I am sure that this is a scam and should be noted. I will do some more research.
  • This man texts horribly obscene messages to my cell.He tops the list for pathetic repulsive desperate perverts.He should be locked up... Infact i intend on reporting him.seriously creepy.
  • as of dec 08, any calls from that number are from me... so you should not be receveing any odd calls, unless i get bored
  • phone rang at 9:30am MST on a monday, heard background noise, and someone moving around the phone, after a few seconds, they hung up.
  • a spanish sounding man called saying he knows me and that we met tottenham court road
  • Das ist der Louis Vuitton Kundenservice!
  • what i usually do when they call me is scream at the top of my lungs into the phone then when i run out of breath i ask if they are still there. if they say yes i scream again.if they dont answer i hang up and get on with my day. they are not amused. but thats what they get for harrassing me at wierd times.
  • Suspicious phone call. Person immediately told me that it was the wrong number.
  • A jerk who stole $1000 from my own bedroom while he was carpeting it.
  • I dnno who called but when I called back it was ringing forever, I mean if I left it ringing it would have never stopped ringing, and would have no absense greeting. It was freaky.
  • Did not pick up.
  • rude jerk trying to provide horribly priced computer repair services at an outrageous rate! Stay away. Warning, total con.
  • hoows it goin mate
  • i got some random call from this number and its like " hey its danny, im sorry we are too good of friends, we cant do this"
  • this phone number is coming through my private personal cricket phone number. I don't know who they are or how they got my number. Have sent sexually explicit emails. URrrrrrr
  • Talked over answering message. Something about a trip to the Bahamas.
  • This is a google voice phone number. Anyone who uses google voice dials this number then is connected to you.
  • Keeps asking if I want to buy pet society items...I don't even know what that is!
  • D. A. called my house at 2:00 a.m. and let the phone ring like crazy till my machine picked up! If you know this D.A. tell them thanks for waking my household b%$#@!
  • he is my ex but i need to talk to him and he dont answer my kalllsssand i really need to tell him something so important
  • need to find who this number is
  • I was sent a friendship msg on text. And i think the same person tried to seduce me through text.
  • This number is calling me all the time. I don't know who is it? But I'm getting very angry.
  • They are a telemarketing place. Ignore or treat like scum.
  • no response given. Probably some marketing scam. No money was deducted though.
  • This ass keeps calling and playing Christmas music. The music is distorted and sounds horrible, and no one answers the phone if you say hello. STOP CALLING!
  • wer weiß was oder wer hinter dieser Telefonnummer steckt
  • someone broke into my sister's house on roslyn street in grosse pointe. they stole a cell phone and called this number with the stolen phone. the police will be contacting you. hope you didn't talk long
  • annoying texter who keeps insisting he has the right number when he clearly has wrong number. texting me about kids named will and josh
  • poses as a translator for Japanese porn stars. Collects $$ and splits.....warning.....
  • Operate apparently out of Crystal Lake, IL. Call to tell you that you have won a trip. They just want you card number so they can reserve the trip for you. There's also a presentation you have to attend. Even when you tell them to take your name off their list they keep calling.
  • This is a scammer (phisher) wanting to get your ATM and bank account login.
  • called several times and finally left a message, told me she'd call right back and to pick up the phone, said she just got off the chat with me? strange, i figure it's collection company
  • I got a text message from this weird guy, asking about "Hey, pretty lady?" or something. I'm a guy. He KEPT ON TEXTING.
  • Frauded us for over $7000 but the one time he didn't block his number this one came up.
  • this freak is calling me and sending me text messages of his private areas please beware i have no clue who he is or where he got my #
  • i hope this year is a wonderful year for you b/c ...
  • Another call from an automated machine (with a 000 domain number) warning me my car warranty is about to expire. For someone that lives downtown and doesn't own a car, this is getting really annoying.
  • super rude. had wrong number, but were suspicious...unbelievable.
  • Nigerian investment scam regarding Venezualan oil money and AIDS.
  • who the f**K is this?!?!?! getting really says i called this number numerous times on my phone bill, i googled it and its from walla walla.i dont know anyone in walla walla!!..WTF!
  • Trying to get my Debit Car Number and trying to get me to subscribe to some magazines in return for some free stuff and entrance into freestakes.
  • im in fiji n got a call frm ds numba
  • They didnt say anything and all that I heard was someone speaking spanish that I could not understand. It was extremely random and hopefully does not happen again.
  • Some person claiming to know me from somewhere. Voice started out as I would say a 20 yo girl, and went straight to a 5 year old. Weird...
  • This guy is shady and is always burning people. He keeps starting new businesses and websites, then writes checks that bounce, then closes the business and moves on. Beware of this man
  • This number has called my cell phone about 4 times in the past two weeks, and periodically over the last 4 years! A few years ago, the calls first started. I vaguely recall a man's voice on my voice mail asking someone to call him back. I remember getting the impression it was someone like a contractor trying to reach a former employer, business partner or someone who owed them money, and they clearly assumed they were leaving a message at the right number. For some reason, I didn't feel comfortable returning the initial repeat calls to tell them "you've got the wrong number, stop wasting your time!" I suspected perhaps they were a telemarketer trying to flush-out a callback, or a spurned contractor trying to collect an old debt from someone who deliberately gave them a wrong number. Some telemarketers relentlessly mine cell phone lists for trivia about cell phone numbers. When someone answers, they report such trivia as, "woman's voice answered" or "appears like fax or computer number modem answered." They sell these databases containing seemingly insignificant trivia to larger telemarketer companies that use tiny contractors to avoid potential liability (such as state do not call list issues). These companies collate databases with trivia to profile cell phone users. To make a long story short, this was the first long-term number programmed into my cell phone's memory by the name of "Wrong Number"! When I see these words on my LCD screen, I simply don't answer the phone! After almost 4 years with periodic waves of calls from this caller ID number, I decided to search the web and behold! Someone else gets a call on December 9, 2008, just two days ago! I wonder how many people haven't reported this number? Who is this person calling? A telemarketer or just a spurned contractor trying to collect an old personal debt? Don'tcha love a mystery? ;-)
  • This phone number is in inbound number for a SCAM company pretending to be legitimate locksmiths
  • this is about the best prank caller ever haha,seriously. she was acting like she was my girlfreind and i believed her the whole time,it was weird.then my girlfreind came home while i was on the phone with the pranker.but it was a good one.
  • Would you like to sell your gold? "NO! STOP CALLING!"
  • 2 wierd girls from Skurup Skane Sweden wrigts sms to me and wrights things like making out with me in 1½month to my girlfriend and shes reely sad right now
  • uhmm i just know that they've been telling me about room 203, and they ask me many times about Matt, sometimes they just call and they do weird ass sounds, i dont know real creppy.
  • It was some sort of recording. He spoke, there was canned applause, he said something else, then the call ended.
  • called me before 7am day before thanksgiving thanks alot
  • Rude and obnoxiuos
  • Left a message with my roommate that I should call ASAP. Stated that my Mother had used some of my personal information, etc. NOT! Tried to get information from my roommate. From other postings I've seen....want you to call back and confirm personal info; SSN#, etc. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME TALKING TO THEM!!!
  • he thinks i am ricky and i still have his truck which i dont and he also says that i pissed inside his truck which i didnt
  • "Michael Jackson lebt, der king of pop lebt" .. den ganzen morgen lang. -.-'
  • He's a drug dealer, he was asking me for 10 ks of ice or something...
  • who dis u jst called random??
  • Asked for my father who had recently passed away, said she could help with his investment and works with his attorney and accountant. After explaining he was alset, without explaining he was no longer with me, she said "well girl you need to get a grip"! and hung up on me.
  • Very professional sounding man called. He asked for my by name. When I said, "I don't know how you got my number, I'm certain I've not any business with you PLUS I'm on the Do Not Call list" he hung up. IRRITATING!
  • This guy totally called and asked to have his way with me!! Grody!!
  • A person call me telling me the will reclaim the money the banks have charged me. The bank will charge only 8.00 GBP and thwy charge me 49.99 GBP for the service
  • Called me twice, operator says number not recognised . Has anyone an idea who this caller is?
  • She is a dope head do not talk to this girl she sticks needles in her arm for a living
  • Likes hiring escorts, he is safe to meet.
  • Some voice said that I had won money. And to press number 1 to accept.
  • Apparently this is "Nicole's" Phone But she had no record of calling me 3 times ???
  • crack and meth head out of reaford florida! dont hire him to cut your grass cause he will steal everything u got! hope dcf takes his children away from him asap!
  • Contiuous calls, most of the time it's a recording saying something about the Democratic National Comm. with important messages about health care reform, or re-electing somebody. I'm sure they're looking for donations...
  • Hat mich in den letzten 2 Wochen 2mal angerufen. Wenn ich dran gehe hört man nichts, dann als ob jemand ans Telefon klopft.
  • Texted me twice. When I returned text telling her she had the wrong number, she began using profanity & then called my phone twice.
  • These losers keep calling ( tele marketing ) Will not take no for an answer.
  • Received this call 11/18/2009 on my private cell phone number which was recently assigned. Only information I could get from the internet was that it was New Mexico-based (which I knew) and that it was a T-Mobile account- cellular.
  • prostitute cold calling
  • Blockbuster wants their movies back.
  • You called my moms cell phone please identify yourself and do not call haer again thank you

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