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  • annoying teenagers keep making prank calls for the past 2 weeks.
  • He keeps callin my number sayin its over with his wife! Who btw is preggos with his wild animal! He iz a cheater and he told me before!
  • person stated they were a college professor and wanted to talk to my wife and then hung up
  • This number call me evry single day, and call me evrything, The only thing I knoow is that it's a man, And I think his from kurdistan or something like that
  • hoows it goin mate
  • want to buy something.. then after cod, he will do something, lie to you. he run with the item i want sell to him..
  • I recieved a a phonecall, in finland, from this number, i didn't call back (i usually don't in these cases) But if someone has answered to this number/called back, please leave a note here! :)
  • 5th call today. Traced back to a fax machine. Just beeps and beeps and drives me crazy.
  • Bitch called early in the morning repeatedly. I shut the phone off. They didn't leave a message. They ruined a great dream. I hope they drop dead.
  • this nr has send a stange message to a friend of mine and he thinks that I have send this message
  • "Its alright to be a redneck." was a text message. I didnt respond for fear of my cell phone possibly being hacked.
  • i received a text message of a giant poop in a toliet. i've never seen this number before in my life
  • some man called me from this number and said he had my kid and that I needed to do exactly what he said or I would never see him again. I'm not sure if this was a joke or if he was trying to get a hold of somebody else.
  • Asking if I was the dark brown woman looking for a husband! WTF And calling me at work!
  • This is a auto glass company in Gilbert who offers mobile windshield replacement. They were very nice and did a very good job replacing my windshield in my Mercedes. T
  • If I answer they cannot speak english if my husband answers they ask him who he is and get rude. they are calling all hours of the day and night. I tell them they have the wrong # and hang up and they call back again.
  • Telemarketer trying to upsell and upgrade my free listing. It is basically a trap to get your information and then sell you more advertising, I wonder what else they will do with my information????
  • this # belongs 2 a dirty whore. if your man has this # have no doubt that they f*cKed
  • Automated Alert System from AlertNOW! They have no unsubscribe and this is a new number they are calling! So much for automated technology. Pennridge and other schools that use this need a way to unsubscribe!
  • Call in the middle of night and when you calls back they not answer
  • no. by a possibly fake user on ebay.
  • Beware of Wolf in Sheeps Clothing. He talks a good game...beware.
  • Your phone number was added by another user in SPAMList. And now you will attacked by SPAMers!!! Happy new year!
  • I am sick and tired of these people calling me about a vehicle that I don't even have.
  • When they call they make dog barkis
  • Nummer nicht vergeben!
  • This number keeps calling me but no one ever leaves a message. It ticks me off!!!
  • This womans a stalker....she keeps texting me dirty messages and pictures on my phone...I think shes even been outside my house know when youre sitting in the living room watching TV in your boxers and all of a sudden you feel like you got these eyes peering over your shoulder? Well....there was a window behind my shoulder.....and I didnt like it.....
  • somebody just calls and keep the line open. you can hear the conversations. Some times a child says Hello..and nothing else. No adult ever speaks..I also received couple of SMSs around new year..i do not know this number and person.
  • its weard man
  • older sounding man called and he thought he called an escort service I think and hung up after I said no
  • He was deploying & called from Germany. Couldn't call the number back... :'-(
  • ...telling me I could have a great career with him in phone sales. He stated he was a former stockbroker in his voice mail. If he was such a great stockbroker, why is he calling random people for phone sales?
  • Send weird pictures of a room with a picture of Michael Bolton over a mantel.
  • Sounded like a recording, but started out with "Hi, This is Kevin" When I queried further, recording said; "Pardon me, I might have a wrong number" and then it hung up.
  • Blockbuster wants their movies back.
  • Got a Merry Xmas wish from 'Chris', no idea who this is. Anyone know?
  • Some loser texted me from this number asking for my address for christmas cards. It is a Phoenix #, but I don't know anyone living in that city. A definite scam.
  • Sales regarding "immediate cash flow". Says no special charges, call for details, recording says "not everything is too good to be true." Did not leave a name.
  • This is a cheating homewrecking mother of 5 that sleeps with married men.
  • Don´t pick up the phone, it´s someone wired
  • called at least 8 times. Cannot return the call to the number left on the caller id.
  • Apparently this is a medical office that needs business and their receptionist is marketing. The owners do not have a good reputation with the community either!
  • regarding a voice message he left on my cell
  • einfach aufgelegt
  • This lady is part of a scam operation with a Jamaican. They bilked my elderly mother out of $2500 before I got involved.
  • It's a fax number. But I havn't a fax !
  • This 19 year old piss's the bed still !
  • Stop to call me, all night long...please...There is a problem
  • they are calling to put you in "jail" so that you have to call family and friends to donate! they will not stop calling till you tell them to stop
  • I receive too many time calling from this number. Please stop this unsolicited calls. Thanks
  • The rudest, most idiotic person ever... A real a-hole.
  • This person is awesome (:, Actually this is my number and i have a confession to make, Car insurance is so not my thing yo. AND LIKE DUDE I AM SO AWESOME AHAHAHAHAHAHA! So like yesterday i was on myspace and then i was all like omg and then she was all like omg...sorry my class is over bai roses are red and so is your period :D
  • Just called my toll free line and heard a fax when I answered. WTF!
  • If you want to buy Nusasiri condo pls contract me 0866298896 I am wait you call.
  • This number is a VOIP (voice over IP). They are from India and do a VOIP so you don't ignore thier phone call because you think it's local. They say they are an attorney's office. They aren't. They gave me their "barcode" number (LOL) and it ended up being a completely different (legit) attorney's bar number! Just ignore them. They are full of empty threats and are really ridiculously uneducated.
  • When i answered the phone no one would talk. Almost as if it were a standoff!
  • they sent me a message in this number. "clock is tiking, clock is tiking"!??!!? WTF was that i ask?!?!?
  • This is a residential number. I will not say who it is, but rest assured this person would NOT be calling to sell, harrass, or anything like that. If you have rec'd a call from this number it was purely by mistake. If for any reason you have got a call from this number and they were collecting, harrassing or anything else REPOT THIS TO THE POLICE AT ONCE. That means they have highjacked an existing number for their own temporary use. YES it happened to me.
  • They keep prank calling me and talking crap about me and my family!!!!
  • Bill collectors who have no ethical compass.
  • Sounds like a cute guy, i'd do him.
  • Some female making threats to me on CHRISTMAS DAY!I have no clue who it could be, I triend looking up the number on a phone lookup service, however, all I was able to find out was ther person is from stamford, CT. I don't even know anyone in that are. This person called several times.
  • stop calling me whoever the fuck u are ! i am sick of these calls u are a very mentally ill person and sure seek help immediately! and another thing dont ring the phone so much someone maybe peeing or shitting or doing other things that require full attention you ass holes!
  • Calls, waits until the phone is answered and then hangs up. This number is repoted on other sites and stating and doing the same thing that was done to me.
  • no idea who the F these are left me 2 calls requesting me by name to call them back on this number
  • This number is part of a huge mail scam involving bad cashier's checks and offers of a job as a "mystery shopper". It'll cost you about $4,000 if you fall for it.
  • just getting some info on this resource
  • This guy smokes WAT TOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!
  • i dont know who this bitch is but bitch texted me and called me a fucking retard and needs to go to hell
  • Scam artists guys watch out! Robbed me of my cellphone!
  • Keeps calling my cell phone and won't leave me the f*ck alone!!!
  • poses as a translator for Japanese porn stars. Collects $$ and splits.....warning.....
  • phone rang at 9:30am MST on a monday, heard background noise, and someone moving around the phone, after a few seconds, they hung up.
  • Caller in spanish asking for myself, I told him that I was not him, but his cousin. He said that he need to speak to me. He said that there was an order for my arrest and my cousins. Then the call was disconnected.
  • I forgot I had them set up to call me when they were going to turn the power back on. They called over 12 hours after it came back on!!
  • This "company", whoever they are, have been calling and either hanging up or not leaving a message for quite some time now. When I try to call back the number on the caller ID, it is either busy, or there is no answer. The few times I have answered and actually spoken with someone, a very rude man asks for my husband, insisting he had requested information from them, which he never has. When I ask if I can take a message, he hangs up on me. This is the latest number they are calling from. I feel that we are being harassed.
  • He is an interpreter for the deaf.
  • Left message stating they were a delivery service needing an address to deliver a perishable item to. When in fact they are a towing company trying to recover a vehicle that is listed under a Chapt 13 bankruptcy.
  • Hi my friend How are you..?I hope you have happy and lucky in your life...begin cold...take care yourself friend
  • I have a strong feeling this could be the church of scientology. They've been hassling me for a while now...
  • Calls about your maxed credit card, last chance before sent to collections
  • Called and let it ring once and just hung up.
  • Some guy at Citibank In Saint Paul Street in Baltimore. Offering some kind of (credit) offer. Three weeks ago, I told him not to call my number and to take me off the list, and yet he called he called again today and left a voice message.
  • they said they loved me. weird
  • This guy calls martial arts clubs, talks rubbish then hangs up.
  • He is a womaniser in the City of JHB, targeting young women
  • Recieved several calls from this number, no one there, silence on end of line ... prank ?
  • This number called me and said he had a legal debt matter and i would be arrested if i did not take care of it or call him to be an officer and from washington...says the fbi is after me and he needs to talk to husband tried to talk to them and kept getting hung up on...they will not answer any public knowledge questions like address, name or anything else..if u know who this guy is please report it..he goes by many names and is a red dot indian ..not a whoo whoo indian
  • just got a txt from this number that said... "My name is Jim and i truly am just looking 4 a single beautiful woman to kick it with" I would say that is definitely a WTF call....(being that i'm a man, straight, and taken) :)
  • absolutly nobody on the other side. they call then hang up. Probally a automated telemartketing thing.
  • So person texted me asked what ho iz diz was completely rude.
  • called at my place of employment recieved transferd call no one on the other line
  • This guy is a jerk; he called me about something I was selling, tried to tell me that it came with something else and that I was wrong about something I've had for years. Continued to talk over me and was just a general Asshole Ti Quiero Puto
  • Was listed on ebay with a 305 when I asked were to see the car . The guy said he would meet me a true scam artist. I doubt there is a car period. The guy only wanted me to purchase online. Ebay sucks they are making impossible to give bad feedback
  • wanted my credit card number, what the hell??? she said I will call you later... please don't
  • telemarketer about golf crap they leave a text message
  • called à 5 in the morning, woke me up. I thought someone close has a problem. When I saw it was a unknown number, I wait for the message, but had nothing.
  • just kept hear a beep like the phone line was being recorded
  • They called @ 5:20 am, woke me up, & when I attempted to return the call, I got a constant busy signal. WTF calls @ 5 am from the same time zone?!?

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