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  • hey this actually works!
  • Message reads I am coming to get you and I wont stop until I find you. and posts a picture of some guys tattoed chest
  • This is a prerecorded message about a visa or something like that asking you to press 1 to talk to a person. I pressed 1 so I can ask them to stop fucking with me. There was a person talking in Spanish, I told her, in Spanish, that I dialed so I can talk to someone to take me of their list. The little bitch that answered told me that "what happens is that I was too poor and that I didn't have 2000 dollars to take me of that list". This a major "WTF" call.
  • thought it might be 98.7 calling to tell me I won an xbox 360
  • Bought a cellphone from me on gumtree but never paid the funds!
  • i have no idea, i always hung up every time this number calls. All this man talking machine says to me is "This is the second warning your warranty on your car...." i don't even have a car.
  • call them back and press 1 to be placed on their do not call list
  • prank calling the emergency room
  • When I call back it says the number has been disconnected. They called four times yesterday. Help?
  • They won't stop phoning but im not answering it!
  • This is a scammer (phisher) wanting to get your ATM and bank account login.
  • this guy is a scammer who runs a scam research and writing company in which you work for a month and then he never pays you, never answers your emails, and hangs up when you call. he said his company was "creative Publishing House"
  • Asked if I was a Barack Obama supporter and I replied "yes, and I already voted". She replied, "well I want to tell you he hangs out with terrorists" I told her to "get some help" and hung up. Why are people so intent on believing the crazy republican hype?
  • I'm at work in California, I can hear it ring in the distance and that's it- very staticky- and then when i hang up- it rings back- but rings only once and hangs up again, and then it rings a second time and hangs up again after one ring.... WTF?!
  • he is a thiff watch out
  • Looks like another one from GE Money or one of their cronies
  • it was sent in an email to my husbands hidden account and there is a naked fat chick on all fours... u might now wanna open it...
  • stupid person calls all the time and hangs up
  • He called asking about sex and he kept calling!
  • some dirty stalker that sends perverted messages
  • called at least 8 times. Cannot return the call to the number left on the caller id.
  • Thought it was funny to ask "Is Mr. Wall there?" When I am told him he had a wrong number and went to hang up he said, "Then how does your roof stay on?" and giggled like a retard. After hanging up he called back. I was not stupid enough to answer.
  • possible audit company. Please let me know who is calling me.... they harrass and are fraudulently misrepresenting themselves
  • Racial abuse from this number
  • I answered the call. After a long pause, the male voice on the other end of the line said; "Do you know someone who is overweight?" That's when I hung up.
  • likes to call when drunk and talk dirty
  • I have no idea who called me but they called me at 4:00 am California time. Isn't that illegal?
  • The same thing happened to me today. A rather brusk woman called asking for my husband by name. When I asked if she wanted to leave a message, she said no thank you, but sarcastically. I said 'may I ask who's calling?' and she hung up. I did a search, and the number is a land line out of Los Angeles, but the name details were listed as unpublished, and I'm not interested enough to pay to find out who it is. However, I find it very interesting that it has happened to others from the same number.
  • He called last night. Claimed to have reached a wrong number. How did he know he had reached a wrong number when I didn't say who I was? I asked him who he was and he muttered a reply. DID NOT SPEAK CLEARLY BY INTENTION! Apologized and hung up.
  • Leaving vulgar texts on my daughter's phone....
  • Strange woman called my fiancee and laeft a message stating that she had the "best cocaine available in Indiana" for him !
  • When calling back message will state. # not in service.
  • texting me calling me crucial names
  • it says this is the city garrett police putting a warrant out for the arrest of the person using this number and it won't stop calling your number
  • 3am call -- didnt answer
  • Actually nobody called me from this number, it was listed on a letter I received from MERIT GRANT INC. I am a mother of a very small child with many life long, life altering diseases and received a check made out to me in the amount of $2,985 for full payment of the administration fees on a federal grant I was approved for. I actually have filled out apps for such a grant to help care for my child due to my illnesses. ITS A TOTAL SCAM!! Its a real check and looks honest but being the sceptic I am I did a reverse address lookup on the check holders and found its a church that had financial documents stollen! please do NOT be a victim.
  • Who ever is the owner of this phone number is a fraud. Used my credit card info to buy online merchandise.
  • My boyfriend sent me a singing telegram via phone and it came from this phone number. It was great!
  • She calls for Purple Heart. If you answer, you can arrange for a donation pick-up. We keep her number handy when we have collected enough stuff for them to pick up (that or we make a trip to The Salvation Army).
  • I got a text of some strange looking mixed Asian girl sitting in a psychology class. Confused, I sent a text back telling them they had the wrong number, the conversation continued until I told her I was a Senior in college, Probably stopped because I was probably much older, she wasnt attractive anyways!
  • I see this # repeatedly on my missed calls, yet they never leave a message. I answered tonight, and a real live person said my first name, but then it was disconnected. WTF?
  • asked if I was filipino. it was a wrong number.
  • don`t give up
  • This man texts horribly obscene messages to my cell.He tops the list for pathetic repulsive desperate perverts.He should be locked up... Infact i intend on reporting him.seriously creepy.
  • My phone rang 3 times in a matter of 5mins.I answered the last one, when I asked who it was, they said they were from visa/master card. I asked why they called, he said I had called him and I was being a bitch! Told him to f#ck off!!!
  • The person drags money from your mobile when you answer!
  • called and sounded very intoxicated and didn't make any sense
  • weird person called
  • You call them back and automated voice offers to remove your number from cold calling list.
  • This number call me evry single day, and call me evrything, The only thing I knoow is that it's a man, And I think his from kurdistan or something like that
  • this guy said "hey hey who's this?" and then this call tone sound started when I thought some kind of scam and hanged right up.
  • who are you and why are you sending obcene text messages
  • told them take me off your calling list - ignored me
  • keep getting text messages: "line 2 takes off at 8:45" "engines running on line 2"
  • weird christmas greetings
  • Didn't leave message. Called back stated it was BOA and automated system hung up.
  • i love you holly i want babys with you
  • said I won airplane tickets and free gasoline. I hung up on them.
  • Options traders hunting for new rubes...I mean clients.
  • three calls in two days no answer on ring back
  • is a wanker time waster
  • If this ho called yo phone, ya better check ya man.....
  • some lady called me saying someone died who suffered from something i couldnt make it clear. then she told me it was someones birthday and i should say happy birthday and gave me a number to someone else weirdest phonecall of life
  • Called me twice, operator says number not recognised . Has anyone an idea who this caller is?
  • Contiuous calls, most of the time it's a recording saying something about the Democratic National Comm. with important messages about health care reform, or re-electing somebody. I'm sure they're looking for donations...
  • Someone calling my wife and its a dude. So Im pissed!
  • Caller ID on my cell phone only shows phone numbers. I answered, but only got a hangup (which cost me one of my few "anytime" minutes... ARGH.
  • They claim they are calling on bahl of my employer who has agreement to help me improve my health by helping me increase my physcial activity (workout). BTW.. I'm scheduled to do an Ironman in May 2010. I do not know if they are legit due to I can find who to call to verify this info. Becareful they kept asking for me to verify my Date of Birth, mailing address, etc.. I told them they should be able to tell me more about this free (no cost to me) program which I was selected to partcipate in with out me verifying anything - they called me. Sounded too good to be true.. fishy aye.. Either case just sounded weird.
  • Leaves crank phone calls, talking about marijuana, returned call to this number and a Christina was on the voice mail.
  • Most likely to be a girl named Sanna, from Upplands Väsby , Stockholm, Sweden
  • they prank called
  • Some prostitute from Ft. Lauderdale, FL, called asking for Xavier whom she found on Craigslist, go figure...
  • hello baby how are you, call me when you have nothin 2 do
  • These people said they were from United National Bank and were part of the Federal Banking Association and that i owed a debt and charges were being pressed against me the next day. They couldn't giv me any information about the court i was supposed to go to, who i owed the money too, etc. They had the last 4 of my ssn, my old checking account number and my email address. Watch out for these people. They are good scam artisits. REally no how to scare the poo out of you. said i was going to jail for check fraud.
  • Barrage of calls over Christmas , two a day. No response when answering call.
  • Svetlana spoke Russian and wanted to sell long distance service to Ukraine.
  • this is about the best prank caller ever haha,seriously. she was acting like she was my girlfreind and i believed her the whole time,it was weird.then my girlfreind came home while i was on the phone with the pranker.but it was a good one.
  • Told me I had his wallet. He wants his wallet. Hes got a Pete Rose rookie card in there. I could keep the cash, he just wants Pete Rose rookie card back. You left me a vmail?
  • claims to have information on how to inprove your website ranking on search engines. Problem is he didn't check because I do not have a website!
  • Loser man. Down low brother.
  • This number is my property manager. If you owe rent, I wouldnt
  • Keep callin like wtf is rong wif dem
  • This guy is a jerk; he called me about something I was selling, tried to tell me that it came with something else and that I was wrong about something I've had for years. Continued to talk over me and was just a general Asshole Ti Quiero Puto
  • calls my cell throughout the day ...wont leave a message and when I answer ... nothing, no one will speak back, tried calling and I get a recording that tells me to hold .... I hold and hold and hold ... and nothing! grrrr
  • called...breathed into the phone like a fat guy running and hung up
  • somebody at this number is trying to send a fax and is calling my cell phone, over and over and over ........
  • Some add about New York mint releasing never-before seen uncirculated gold coins
  • Left a nasty page.
  • Received this call after dropping off an opossum at the Santa Clara Humane Society
  • They called twice, both times just played the entirety of the song "Puff the Magic Dragon" and then hung up.
  • I get this call every week. When I answer, the try to speak to me in Spanish. When I ask them to speak English, they hang up on me. Often, I am greeted with "Do you speekie spaneesh?"
  • Try to tell you you have applied for a card, ask for you by name - even if you haven't applied.
  • Called 8 or 9 time and just laughed and said comments like "kiss my balls, old man."
  • Movies were due back
  • they sent me a message in this number. "clock is tiking, clock is tiking"!??!!? WTF was that i ask?!?!?
  • called my blackberry, no message. Called back, music playing immediatly.
  • got a call from this number. Nobody answered from the other side..

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