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  • said: "im fucking your man bitch".. but didnt answer wen i replied "which one? lol"
  • Crazy ass baby mama. Ain't got no job and thinks other people are supposed to help her police her man.
  • Some guy in canada that keeps calling in the middle of the night saying sorry
  • Message said: "apparently my car has a snow day today..."
  • Called looking for someone who has not been alive for over 20 years, Would not give info or leave name.
  • I don't know this person. He called a family member asking for me. Grr...
  • It's true! I just found this number in my *now EX* boyfriends phone with some really nasty text messages. He says he met her online and nothing has happened but the text messages say otherwise and finding this site makes me not believe that.
  • Recorded message threatening to raise my credit card interest rates if I did not respond to this message. Said that it was my final chance. Pressed #1 to speak to a representative. Rude person got on and would not provide me with any information. Then they hung up the phone.
  • Left a text about needing an ugly person to bail them out of jail on bullshit charges of being too good looking
  • It is a collection agency from Winnipeg.
  • This number has been calling me for months with a blocked caller ID. I was only able to recently find out the number using Trap Call.
  • This fellow is obviously s uneducated, angry and aggressive on the phone and has left a phone message that would not make his mom proud.
  • who are you and why are you sending obcene text messages
  • left some strange messege, I really couldn't understand what the guy was saying... he sounded far away and there was to much static. It was wierd how me and my sister got the same call two minutes apart. I'm in texas and she''s in Illinois.
  • Car salesman. Very pushy trying to get personal bank/credit info
  • Calling to ask a lot of questions about historic theaters in our city. Said she represented a firm that purchased old movie equipment. Stated she was doing research but pronounced all of the names incorrectly, so it felt like they were casting a wide net but not sure exactly why.
  • selected people receive this call that may hold an interest in butterfly habitat.
  • They called twice, both times just played the entirety of the song "Puff the Magic Dragon" and then hung up.
  • This number sent a very discussing picture!
  • I have had several calls from this number and when I say hello there is no response.
  • This is a pathological fraud. Watch out for this man, he is dishonest and in need for serious help.
  • Someone on Cricket Broadband has been sending me messages in spanish. Looks like it starts with Happy New Year 2009. Actual text reads: Hola Feliz 2oo9 espero le traiga lo mejor a ust fam
  • I was told by AT&T that I had made a call to Toronto that I clearly did not make as I know no one in Canada. Also had a call to Hong Kong China on the same bill... WTF
  • said, happy new year: ability plus effort equals success. never met this person in my life
  • trying to sell extended warranty for cars.
  • It's a fraud call!
  • Options traders hunting for new rubes...I mean clients.
  • Foreign speaking man, threatens you by saying "May God be with you if you do not call me back, I would not want to see what is going to happen to you"
  • some one called, hung up and called again. finally I answered my cell. it was a old drunk bat slathering her words and obviously hard of hearing. she apparently owns a house in Altadena and rents it out to those who don't mind her drunken behavior.
  • left a weird "hey baby girl" message saying that i am missed
  • He wants back his lighter and kerosene
  • Said it was important that I call them because it involved a criminal matter. It sounded like a telemarketing center with a bunch of people talking in the background.
  • Unknown caller, recorded, says to call immediately concerning personal business, gives some 4 digit reference # then hangs up. No ID
  • i got a call from this number but it was unanswered when i call who could be this
  • Asked for my father who had recently passed away, said she could help with his investment and works with his attorney and accountant. After explaining he was alset, without explaining he was no longer with me, she said "well girl you need to get a grip"! and hung up on me.
  • someone asking for Frank - wrong number, but it seemed like a prank call
  • Dial 888-382-1222 from your phone to add the number you are calling from to the National DNC Registry.
  • LAWL, don't know but 6a.m.... got some bs call.
  • He is fraudge person if u find this number on ur screen then u may be in trouble. Be aware
  • tried to send an SMS but she (i think it's a she) responded wisely without revealing her identity what a smartass!!!!
  • stop calling me whoever the fuck u are ! i am sick of these calls u are a very mentally ill person and sure seek help immediately! and another thing dont ring the phone so much someone maybe peeing or shitting or doing other things that require full attention you ass holes!
  • Some idiot is calling my wife and I want it stopped.
  • they sent a text message of an arm with no flesh
  • I got a text message stating "tell me if ur # is working" from this number.. I can't seem to figure out who sent it .... I don't know anyone in Ontario and when I called back it was a general voice mail with no message...odd, I figured I wasn't the only one but there seems to be very little info on this number
  • annoying kid that wanted to argue with me that he got the wrong number, brought up the fact the he could have misdialed the 253 area code into a 256, still insisted that this was the right number because his friend gave it to him. Via text messaging.
  • as soon as they hear my ringtone they hand up when called back no one answers just rings??? WTF
  • they keep calling and my family can't sleep!!
  • insurance fraudster
  • Random text received--- Fw: Budweiser is red, Budlight is blue, ur crazy as fuck, thats y i love u. U'r my buddy, a kick ass friend, if i dont get this back... Eff you then ;)
  • Said was with BPC calling about a relative very rude.
  • Spam about claiming compensation about an accident.
  • In Sinai i bought a dvd which was made on a trip with United Submarines. On the dvd this telephone number is written. (sorry, if my english isn't good)
  • Have called multiple times during past 2 times. Don't leave message. If answer, say I ordered something. If you tell them you want to cancel it, they say you have to call a different number. If you call the number, recording says if you're calling because our number showed up on your caller ID, you don't need to do anything else.
  • this number keep calling me all the time and when i pick up no one keep bothering me..plz do something
  • I have a strong feeling this could be the church of scientology. They've been hassling me for a while now...
  • Had a message on my company phone fron some rednecks out on a Wednesday night at 4:02am. Obvious butt dial, lots of "I'll kick her ass" "WTF" "Can you drive?". Pretty funny stuff
  • They call randomly at like 3 in the morning asking me who I am. What the hell. ..... A stalker? MAYBE?
  • My phone rang 3 times in a matter of 5mins.I answered the last one, when I asked who it was, they said they were from visa/master card. I asked why they called, he said I had called him and I was being a bitch! Told him to f#ck off!!!
  • Keeps calling our house and when you pick up it beeps like a fax is trying to come through. The Caller ID says Sherman W. So annoying!
  • Try to tell you you have applied for a card, ask for you by name - even if you haven't applied.
  • If you are selling something BUGGER OFF!!!!!!
  • pen intruduce.We met each other on China Import & Export Commodity Fair in Guangzhou last month and had a nice conversation. You showed strong interest in our flashing pens when we talked,
  • Very vulgar and irritable.
  • The woman was very hateful and demanded the money for something that my husband had done, a septic job or something. She was saying that she was going to sue me and all kinds of crap. She is very hateful and thinks she knows everything!
  • He was deploying & called from Germany. Couldn't call the number back... :'-(
  • calling for someone who does not live here
  • don`t give up
  • All this lady said was "do you take credit cards?" I said "excuse me", and then she asked if this was a residence, and I said yes and she said sorry and hung up.
  • wanted to hook up at a night club never turned up,gave this number,when i called ahe said she was on her way 1hr later called again to findout where she was she pretended not to know who i was very strange
  • I got two calls from this person and both times i got no response. I tried calling it back and i got an error message?! they've called once when i was in school and once while i was at home i have no clue who this is. how do i stop it?
  • Pisses me off! at least 4 times a day!!! when call back - number not recognized!
  • I dnno who called but when I called back it was ringing forever, I mean if I left it ringing it would have never stopped ringing, and would have no absense greeting. It was freaky.
  • Va rugam insistent nu dati credit la acest numar de oarece aveti deaface cu un excroc care va fura pe fata, folosindu-se de parole si adrese de mess. Intra in contact cu dumneavoastra dandu-se o persoana cunoscuta din lista dumneavoastra de mess, apoi va roaga sa-i dati 1euro ca nu mai are credit si are de dat un telefon urgent
  • who has my cell phone number??
  • This No. also shows Pay Phone, what does that mean?
  • This caller yells at you and nags you. Very rude woman and want sto raise hell on everybody.
  • Caught my x - fn around with her. He found her on Kijiji/Craigslist
  • This is a scam targeted towards military personnel that asks the member to report with your personal information to confirm that you and/or your dependents were not harmed by the events that took place in Haiti. It comes across as some sort of a recall. Heads up to any military member. If you are supposed to report on any such incident you will be directed by your Commander or Supervisor. This email was also accompanied by a 1-900 number. That was the big tip. There is really no excuse to fall for this one.
  • this is a car sales man who keeps bugging me!
  • keeps wanting to sell a timeshare I don't own
  • Had missed call - when I rang back noone answered
  • There was a weird noise and yelling between two people (a guy and a girl) then the guy yelled "GO AHEAD ASK HER IF SHE'S TALKED TO YOUR BOYFRIEND!!!" Then they hung up.. It was really weird
  • ok so like this person is so messed up theyare a girl really pretending to be a boy, like WTF? i dont get it, but i swear to gosh that its tru,
  • Texts started out innocent enough "hi", "what's up?". When I asked "who is this?" the response was "don't trip". I then went to the internet to find out the location of the area code. I responded "I don't know anyone in Utah". IT responded "Maybe I got the wrong # r u a guy or girl?" Now seriously, if IT had the wrong number, why should it matter weather I am male or female? I knew I was DONE at that point.
  • some drunk bastart wanted directions to his home at 02h00 in the morning!
  • This number called me on November 10 around 12:50. I have no idea who it is, but when I answered they seemed to "have the wrong number", but they went fishing for answers about who I was. It was kind of fishy to be honest. Because it was on odd call, I returned the call a little later, when I was in a better listening environment, to see if had misunderstood the callers intent. Upon answering, they placed the phone down, and would not speak. They did not hang up, but would not respond. Honestly, I was a little freaked out by the call. It seem to be a polite nice lady, but she seemed to be looking to find out who I was? If you were the caller, or know this number, it would be kind to tell me why you were calling and if was just a wrong number? I was not upset because of the wrong number, just seemed a little odd. If you want to know who I am, just call and ask, I have nothing to hide.
  • Wenn man den Hörer abnimmt. Piept es in regelmäßigen Abständen. als wenn jemand versucht ein Fax zu senden. Echt nervig.
  • just anonymous calls on mobile
  • Repeatedly called and even left a voicemail saying, "Baby, I know you."
  • Asking if i wanted to buy guns for sale or was interested in pot n crack. Asked him to stop calling, he called 4 times in the past week.
  • Robot called me at 10:30 AM on a Monday, it's probably a debt collecting service.
  • Scam artists guys watch out! Robbed me of my cellphone!
  • They call me on sunday morning at 6h50. They leave me a message to ask me if I have traveled. If so, they asked to call back at this number to get back a red luggage left without identification. If the luggage have no id, how can they call me? I didn't travel on Air Canada since 25 yrs. Seem to be a scam.
  • You keep calling my number, then when I answer, you hang up. You have the wrong number.
  • some lady called me saying someone died who suffered from something i couldnt make it clear. then she told me it was someones birthday and i should say happy birthday and gave me a number to someone else weirdest phonecall of life
  • No idea who belongs to this phone number. It rang several times. I did not pick up since I do not answer the phone when I don't know who's calling me.
  • Fake Photographer. Seems Creepy.
  • I just got a couple picture text messages from this guy and i have NO idea who he is. When I asked, he asked who I was.
  • A photo of a cake reading "no more Bush" and the text, "Go and Vote" sent to my cell phone

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