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  • Dinner time telemarketers? Ugh!
  • Calling on a Sunday at 2pm EST, to inquire if I"d like to purchase a plot in a local cemetary. Not just yet I told him. Besides, I am retiring to the Philippines and plan on having my ashes spread out over the South China Sea!
  • Text message was sent to phone. No message. Txt message dated December 8, 2019
  • robocall scam for lower credit rates, calls multiple times daily. when I tell them I am on the DO NOT CALL list they either hang up or start swearing and screaming.
  • Some closeted gay guy who plays games instead of hooking up. His pics look nothing like him either.
  • Some voice said that I had won money. And to press number 1 to accept.
  • keeps wanting to sell a timeshare I don't own
  • Unknown number. Missed the call but they did not leave a number. I have had numerous "spam" phone calls to my cell recently, so I am assuming this is one of those. Don't know how they got my number, I'm even on the nat'l do not call registry!
  • Didn't leave message. Called back stated it was BOA and automated system hung up.
  • Automated Alert System from AlertNOW! They have no unsubscribe and this is a new number they are calling! So much for automated technology. Pennridge and other schools that use this need a way to unsubscribe!
  • Only leaves name and number and hopes your curiosity will have you call him back. I didn't.
  • Loud beeps, called again, same loud beeps. WTF
  • This number keeps calling me but no one ever leaves a message. It ticks me off!!!
  • possible audit company. Please let me know who is calling me.... they harrass and are fraudulently misrepresenting themselves
  • Some female making threats to me on CHRISTMAS DAY!I have no clue who it could be, I triend looking up the number on a phone lookup service, however, all I was able to find out was ther person is from stamford, CT. I don't even know anyone in that are. This person called several times.
  • 100% legit!
  • either a hooker or a cop
  • I slept through a call from this number, when I called it back a recorded message from Correctional Billing Services informed me I'd received a call from a friend in jail. I had set up a prepaid account with them the previous day to allow my friend to call me. If you have an account with this company to allow a friend or loved one to call you from a correctional facility you should answer this number.
  • guy is evil. watch out. i hear he eats kitties. for real.
  • This is the SL County jail. Someone you know is probably in the slammer!! Only answer if you want to bail em out.
  • A** hole keeps calling wife and harrasing family
  • This guy is sending harassing phone text messages to my daughter. She is a single mom and is scared. She doesn't know who he is BEWARE
  • dont know but they had my mob and landline missed both calls, v annoying rang for ages on landline which I never answer.
  • Don't know who it is - Don't bother calling probably a money stealing scam!
  • Always calling and asking for one of his friend. Its a big hassle for me.
  • They do say that they are doing a censa WTF and they want to know the ins and outs of your busines
  • i found this number on a 20 dollar bill
  • some lady spoke chinese...she called me. she must have had wrong number! i speak english and i dont know any chinese person and didnt know this number!
  • I have had several calls from this number and when I say hello there is no response.
  • I have been notified that this is the last time I will have this number past on to me. I am not to be contacted at work. Please call my home phone. I usually return my calls if I am home before you close.
  • stop calling me whoever the fuck u are ! i am sick of these calls u are a very mentally ill person and sure seek help immediately! and another thing dont ring the phone so much someone maybe peeing or shitting or doing other things that require full attention you ass holes!
  • said that he is police
  • Person dialed my number in their pocket.
  • I got two calls from this number today, both asking for someone else. It seemed to be a telemarketing kind of thing, since there was a "pause" after I answered before they started talking. I told the first caller it was a wrong number. The second time, I said that it was a wrong number and that I had already gotten one call from the same number, so could they please take me off their list. He said, "No, and I'm going to put you on the redial list just for your attitude." I am not making this up. We'll see if they call again. I can't find any info online about what company this is, so I'm not sure what to do about it.
  • idiotu asta a trimis mesalj ca nu stiu ce ai castigat daca crede ca pacal pe cineva e un muist poate fac ceva si cei ce asculta telefoanele poate ii prind si pe astia
  • this nr has send a stange message to a friend of mine and he thinks that I have send this message
  • i had an unknown call i answered and it or they hung up on me
  • Called 8 times in a ten minute period. Lots of background noise. Says something unintelligible, then hangs up.
  • There was a weird noise and yelling between two people (a guy and a girl) then the guy yelled "GO AHEAD ASK HER IF SHE'S TALKED TO YOUR BOYFRIEND!!!" Then they hung up.. It was really weird
  • Mans voice asked for RJ and had alot of screaming (womens voice) in the background. Repeatly asked for RJ...
  • When I answered, nothing happened. Then some odd beeping noise... It wounded like a bee and a microwave put together. The only reason it upset me was because the call came at 7:10am (eastern)
  • When I call back it says the number has been disconnected. They called four times yesterday. Help?
  • child in background, lady just said "Hello" then hung up. WTF?
  • Repeatedly said he would cut his wrists if he could not talk to household member. Phone belongs to someone else
  • The meter reading guy was having trouble with my gate. No big issue.
  • someone told me to ring this number any ideas whoses it is??
  • This number has called my cell phone about 4 times in the past two weeks, and periodically over the last 4 years! A few years ago, the calls first started. I vaguely recall a man's voice on my voice mail asking someone to call him back. I remember getting the impression it was someone like a contractor trying to reach a former employer, business partner or someone who owed them money, and they clearly assumed they were leaving a message at the right number. For some reason, I didn't feel comfortable returning the initial repeat calls to tell them "you've got the wrong number, stop wasting your time!" I suspected perhaps they were a telemarketer trying to flush-out a callback, or a spurned contractor trying to collect an old debt from someone who deliberately gave them a wrong number. Some telemarketers relentlessly mine cell phone lists for trivia about cell phone numbers. When someone answers, they report such trivia as, "woman's voice answered" or "appears like fax or computer number modem answered." They sell these databases containing seemingly insignificant trivia to larger telemarketer companies that use tiny contractors to avoid potential liability (such as state do not call list issues). These companies collate databases with trivia to profile cell phone users. To make a long story short, this was the first long-term number programmed into my cell phone's memory by the name of "Wrong Number"! When I see these words on my LCD screen, I simply don't answer the phone! After almost 4 years with periodic waves of calls from this caller ID number, I decided to search the web and behold! Someone else gets a call on December 9, 2008, just two days ago! I wonder how many people haven't reported this number? Who is this person calling? A telemarketer or just a spurned contractor trying to collect an old personal debt? Don'tcha love a mystery? ;-)
  • Ever since I stupidly gave out my number to these people I have been getting 1-2 phone calls, 4-5 times per week. Can you say harassment? Needless to say the NDP will not be getting my vote EVER again.
  • The number sent a message saying 'yeah ok' i didn't reply. Because I accidentally clicked on an ad in an iPhone app earlier and it started calling this number, i hung up before anyone answered.
  • Says they are a secret shopping company seeking to employ new shoppers.
  • Was listed on ebay with a 305 when I asked were to see the car . The guy said he would meet me a true scam artist. I doubt there is a car period. The guy only wanted me to purchase online. Ebay sucks they are making impossible to give bad feedback
  • Drunk. Heavy breather. Muttered obscene comments then started licking the receiver. More heavy breathing then said something about dolphins. Hung up.
  • Pretext call for a private investigator
  • and i won't call back either, i bet it's those taxable numbers; or at least it looks like one!
  • This person has been calling and texting and won't say who they BEWARE!!! I have all my friends calling this number so this person can get a taste of his own medicine! He's messing with the wrong person!!!
  • three calls in two days no answer on ring back
  • 2 wierd girls from Skurup Skane Sweden wrigts sms to me and wrights things like making out with me in 1½month to my girlfriend and shes reely sad right now
  • WTF?? why would you write your number on a dollar?? please elaborate. contact here if its your number please.
  • looking for a friend that used me as a reference, must be late on their car payment.... annoying!
  • The jerk called our number then said he had not.
  • I get a call twice a day from this number. When I call it back, it rings for 5 minutes and disconnects.
  • This number is posted on some horrible autotune nightmare girl pop band. I'm not sure where it goes to.
  • Had a message on my company phone fron some rednecks out on a Wednesday night at 4:02am. Obvious butt dial, lots of "I'll kick her ass" "WTF" "Can you drive?". Pretty funny stuff
  • Pretends to be a Solicitor - isn't... i think...
  • I guess she thought she was calling a Drug Dealer. Cuz she called and told me to hurry my ass up cuz she is Jonezing and that she thinks my crack is much better then someone named Trina. She obviously got the wrong number and when she realized that she said SHIT and hung up on me.
  • they keep calling and you cannot call them back
  • Last year I witnessed the PIBC/property inspection building and compliance, Inspectors serve an eviction notice. WOW!!!! they do not play around man, 4 deep in SUV Suburbans etc. very clean cut men an women all got out and served the eviction notice. They were very professional and managed to talk to the owner calmly by using the female Inspector... now that was cool. And she was hot, might I add....
  • I dnno who called but when I called back it was ringing forever, I mean if I left it ringing it would have never stopped ringing, and would have no absense greeting. It was freaky.
  • Answered but no one spoke, so I hung up
  • Got a retarded message from JAYME saying "no sleeping"....WTF?????
  • This phone # is a collection company but I did not get the name
  • this number was referenced on a fraudulent direct debit setup for myself
  • They left a message saying it was from a Baltimore, MD correctional institution and to press '0' to accept the call. We got two calls in an hour from different numbers but both left the same message.
  • some pushy investment advisor wanting me to invest money in something. called twice.
  • Received a threatening text message stating that if I did not forward it to at least 7 people then "Sam will come and kill you".
  • Doris Owes money and wont pay , keeps on avoiding phone calls
  • They called me alot claiming to reduce my credit card debt. I'm 14 so I pressed '1' to talk to someone and they hung up on me.
  • they called me advertising obgyn service. wtf?????
  • Calls over and over and won't talk back to me when I ask him who he's calling. One more call to my business and I contact the authorities.
  • uhmm i just know that they've been telling me about room 203, and they ask me many times about Matt, sometimes they just call and they do weird ass sounds, i dont know real creppy.
  • Called and someone said doing call check. We are a business in WV..not sure why a call such as this was placed.
  • wanted my credit card number, what the hell??? she said I will call you later... please don't
  • Hi dear i need u pls give me a call
  • Tried scamming me out of $180
  • Keeps calling my cell phone and won't leave me the f*ck alone!!!
  • This was a Chain Text Message about God answering your prayer if you txt 10 more people...
  • Sales Call wanted to go over my investments
  • a. Right triangles b. Segment AC c. Reflexive Property d. HL Theorem e. CPCTC
  • The telemarketer told me I won a 3 day trip including air for two to any of their 37 destinations in the western US. He sounded like a car salesman and avoided many of my questions which raised suspicion. When he said that I could reserve my vacation with only one dollar (must be given by CC over the phone) I took that as the last red flag. I doubt I am missing out on a trip, but am missing out on some scam.
  • rang 3 times and unsure who is they keep calling but never leave messages.
  • Random call at 5:34 am. No idea who or why.
  • if you call it. it is going to be a machine telling you ur breath stinks and that you should do something about it
  • Prank call in the middle of the night. then followed by multiple text messages. only stopped after I threatened to call the cops!
  • "you have been selected for our promotional gift" "press 1 to recieve your promotional gift" "press1" just keeps repeating.....
  • claims to have information on how to inprove your website ranking on search engines. Problem is he didn't check because I do not have a website!
  • i hope this year is a wonderful year for you b/c ...
  • talking in hushed tones at 1233am
  • all he does is prank call saying shit like ur fat nd ugly nd shit

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