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  • I forgot I had them set up to call me when they were going to turn the power back on. They called over 12 hours after it came back on!!
  • Obviously a fake caller-id number since calling area numbers start in 200 and no country in the world uses the calling code +185. Probably some sneaky telemarketer trying to hide.
  • In search of a (girl) friend with benefits.
  • Unknown caller, recorded, says to call immediately concerning personal business, gives some 4 digit reference # then hangs up. No ID
  • They called and all you heard was someone smacking on what sounded like gum.
  • Called asking for a different person when I told him that he had the wrong number he asked for my name. After giving him my name he asked what this call was in regards to, I told him he called me. He then I asked what I did for a living when I refused to tell him (he asked 2 more times), he then told me he was an undercover detective and asked me if I did something illegal for a living.
  • who dis u jst called random??
  • calls and hangs up when answered repeatedly.
  • Not sure who texted me
  • This guy is sending harassing phone text messages to my daughter. She is a single mom and is scared. She doesn't know who he is BEWARE
  • dont answer, dont call back its a trick! lots of money for a minute..
  • somebody just calls and keep the line open. you can hear the conversations. Some times a child says Hello..and nothing else. No adult ever speaks..I also received couple of SMSs around new year..i do not know this number and person.
  • This guy has been stalking and trying to get me to do topless modeling. He won't stop calling!
  • this phone number is coming through my private personal cricket phone number. I don't know who they are or how they got my number. Have sent sexually explicit emails. URrrrrrr
  • this person calls me and never leaves a message, I don't know anyone in Salt Lake City Utah. They are a nuisance.
  • When I answered somebody mashed some keys and hung up.
  • Don't know who it is - Don't bother calling probably a money stealing scam!
  • called my cell left no message. unpublished
  • I called back twice, and they hung up on me before even talking. Finally they answered by saying "Sunshine GMC" which, I hung up on them.
  • Sent a text message: "Happy New Year To All, And To All A Good Night." This person is obviously irresponsibly retarded and should be shot. The line is "Merry Christmas to all..." from "A Visit from St. Nicholas. If you ever have to go through the excruciating pain of getting a message like this, throw your mobile down in disgust so that it disintegrates into a thousand pieces once hitting the path.
  • Called left message about hearding sheep?
  • Kölns größte Schlampe!
  • idk what gender IT is all i know is when you answer IT startes breathing heavily into the phone and if you are stupid enough to listen to that for 5 mins it says " ACORNS!" then hangs up..
  • prank call at 3:30 am
  • These cretins called my number and didn't leave a message. I called them back and asked who they were and they wouldn't answer me. Apparently they are some scum-bag legal service or collection agency. They call me again and I'm contacing the attorney general.
  • Keeps calling my cell phone and won't leave me the f*ck alone!!!
  • Take me off this list !!!! Dont Call
  • make sure you get an address and license number for them before you use them.
  • 100% legit!
  • Someone from this number is calling me all hours of the night and doesn't speak English. Get a clue, you have the wrong freaking number!!! I plan to file a harassing phone calls report if you call one more time. Welcome to America!
  • He wanted me to send him 2000 before he sends me a message about how much he wants " money "
  • service unavailable when returning missed call to this number.
  • Call anytime, I have the information most need!
  • Some add about New York mint releasing never-before seen uncirculated gold coins
  • Male enhancement products specifically aimed at gay men.
  • I think it's a female calling my boyfriend. She always hangs up.
  • I get 3-4 calls in one burst from this machine. Happens about once a month.
  • someone from this number keeps calling and texting my HUSBAND. I suggest that whoever this is, u stop interfering in peoples marriages.
  • Leaving vulgar texts on my daughter's phone....
  • This is a ripoff premium txt service, ie: they get you to opt-in by downloading a free ringtone or some other shit from their WAP site, then they send you bullshit txt messages asking you to download stuff you dont want but charge you for every txt, in New zealand it is $3.50 per txt ( 1.50GBP ) they keep on sending you txts until you run out of credit, which usually only takes a few hours, unless you are on a monthly plan, then your fu*ked. Whatever you do dont go near them, they are total scamsters. If you do get one of their txts txt STOP back to them to unsubscribe, hopefully before you run out of credit. J
  • Got two text-messages, the first one had the text "fukkin glitcher..." and the one after was only a file on 36 kb, wich I ofcourse didn't open.
  • hi
  • they said they were sending something out that my daughter had ordered. She has not ordered anything from goldwater, Mi. We cannot contact this comp. to stop it.
  • he is a good person knows how to communicate with others
  • She is a Puppy thief!!
  • I picked up the call and some guy with a really low voice was talking, except it was really hard to hear him. I heard "auto insurance" or something, so I hung up- telemarketer, I think.
  • This phone number called my daughter's phone and when she answered the phone there was screaming and yelling into the phone, we couldn't understand what they were saying so we didn't contact the police. I called the number back and again the male voice was screaming, and said "stop calling" so I hung up and posted here. I looked up the number and found that it is from our area. Teenagers are stupid.
  • Photo concessionaire onboard cruise ships.
  • This person called my phone and didn't say anything about three times so I decided to call back I guess they didn't know there number was unblock and the voice mail say that you meet brain voicemail....I believe they are from the roxbury area just some one I guess who is acting childiss and the best part this happened at like 140 am that show that they have nothing better to do with there time
  • Someone on Cricket Broadband has been sending me messages in spanish. Looks like it starts with Happy New Year 2009. Actual text reads: Hola Feliz 2oo9 espero le traiga lo mejor a ust fam
  • He is not to be trusted
  • I one there. 10 seconds later I get Texts messages saying "Hey" and "wuts up?" and "we dnt kno each other bt i was wonderin if u would lyke 2 get 2 kno each other" I texted back and said, "no, you sound like a 12 year old girl with learning disabilities" I got this back "all you had to say was no"
  • i had an unknown call i answered and it or they hung up on me
  • Message was "That's why your broke now and livin like u do man up 2 ur resonbilty"
  • Calls me and another on my plan once every few days. Left a strange voice mail that consisted of what sounded like Indian spiritual music.
  • no one on the line. when i called back the phone just rang.
  • Dinner time telemarketers? Ugh!
  • Some person claiming to know me from somewhere. Voice started out as I would say a 20 yo girl, and went straight to a 5 year old. Weird...
  • Religious Maniac. Satanist?
  • i got a call from this number but it was unanswered when i call who could be this
  • Un idiot care vrea sa vorbeasca si nu are cu cine, suna de tampit si deranjeaza oamenii care au treaba ! Si mai spune ca are multe firme !! Asta chiar viseaza !! Opriti idiotii sa mai comunice ca nu au ce !
  • Hi dear i need u pls give me a call
  • Caller asked if I was planning to open a new office in the near future. I asked them how they got the number, which is a personal cell and the caller apologized and hung up.
  • This number has come across caller ID twice in the last 20 minutes. No messages have been left, so it must not have been important. I do not answer calls from suspicious toll-free numbers.
  • This schmuck called at dinner time. *ssholes! Must be some loser jagoff solicitor who should be flogged.
  • Dodgy scam on fake car for sale
  • wrong number, click.
  • اهلا محمد
  • Someone text me saying that they dialed my number randomly and they had aspergers and had been crying a bit and would i be his friend?
  • please call me back- ain
  • Don't know how this person got out number, but they said they were from CNN and had both our cell and home numbers. They said we were listed as a contact for a story in Haiti. Almost no one has both our cell and home numbers, so I don't know how they got it....
  • Did not pick up.
  • These guys call here all the time claiming to be collecting for The Fraternal Order of Police... or the State police... or the Sherrif's... it's always different, but they use the same hard sell tactics.
  • hi girl,do you forget me . I feel so sad. can you call me?
  • I got a text of some strange looking mixed Asian girl sitting in a psychology class. Confused, I sent a text back telling them they had the wrong number, the conversation continued until I told her I was a Senior in college, Probably stopped because I was probably much older, she wasnt attractive anyways!
  • Too many of these unknown numbers showing up. Thy're terrible pests.
  • Calling on a Sunday at 2pm EST, to inquire if I"d like to purchase a plot in a local cemetary. Not just yet I told him. Besides, I am retiring to the Philippines and plan on having my ashes spread out over the South China Sea!
  • hi dude!i am are u?what happen with u email? send me a email dude. i was your step brother in spain bye
  • Sounded young, dumb and acted stupid on the phone..
  • SmS read: Congrats winning number mobile no promotion. Call Mr Jerry Anderson to claim prize. It is a scam, beware!!!!!!!
  • hello baby how are you, call me when you have nothin 2 do
  • Other posts state they received same number at same time in Florida from telemarketer saying they are calling on behalf of Florida Bar Assoc. Doubt Florida Bar is in Washington selling courses this late at night!
  • this site is a waste of my time
  • no idea but they wont talk or leave a message
  • Calls about your maxed credit card, last chance before sent to collections
  • Called threaten to rape me and kill me and my brother. and something about drugs. I don't know who the guy is.
  • Said it was a public service announcement about a deer incident in Hamburg, NY and related to China King. Left name as Bert and Ernie (to call back).
  • Speaks Spanish. If you tell them you can not speak Spanish, they start laughing and hang up.
  • said it was very important and asked if last 4 digits of social was: and the numbers were not! then hung up. wtf?
  • If you pick up on the first 2 rings they will start talking. I got a girl who wanted to enter my into a contest. They will give you a false name that is registered to your phone number DO NOT give them your real name AT ALL. They then ask for your personal information and are essentially collecting your info to sell to other companies or stealing your identity. I don't know which one but I'm not planning on finding out.
  • they robbed me at gunpoint
  • i dont know who the fuck you are but leave Alexis alone. I MEAN IT.
  • just keepringing with out answer
  • anonimous caller, no dialogue
  • this number has called me today, i didn´t answer the phone
  • it's u...amy your e-mail from..jewjaew
  • A male person called my home at 12:07 a.m. on December 22, 2008. This person was harrassing, threatening and screaming at me about my dogs. Of course he didn't bother to actually read what was on the web page before he called. I lost my temper and said: check the dates idiot. A call after midnight concerned me as I thought it was an emergency. I hung up then called this nasty person back and left him a message. As you to bring to others In either thought or deed May you be so blessed In the life you lead Ten times ten plus one Whether this is Blessing Or Cursing be Is completely up to thee He called me back. When I picked up the phone I heard the music from my web page on the phone. He asked me why I called and how did I get his number. I told him I used caller ID and was returning his call. He said he didn't know anything about it. There was just him and his wife there. I said really the call came from your house that's how I got the number. Then he said his 10 year old son had made the call. I said 10 years old? He said well he is 13. I then said calls like that can result in a libel suit. He then said he was going to kick his son's a** Pretty amazing, since I heard the music from my web page when he called the second time. If there is a son it wasn't the kid that made the call. It was the moronic adult male on the phone making middle of the night harrasment calls. This nasty harrassing person has his phone service with vonage out of Orange Park Florida
  • I am sick and tired of these people calling me about a vehicle that I don't even have.
  • this company wanted to renew a warrenty on a car I dont own.
  • called asking questions - when phoned number back answered and hung up - tried this over 2 hour period - business number i think

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