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  • I received a text message on my phone today saying that unusual activity had been reported on my State Dept Federal Credit Account - which I don't think exists. Then it gives a number to call. I called it, and the automated teller says it will ask for three pieces of information starting with your 16 digit credit or debit card number - any credit card number, and nothing about it sounded like the usual government hotlines. Of course, I didn't give this so I don't know what happens next. Here is the number 866-890-5153. Just FYI to you all.
  • "Baietii" de la recuperari creante. Nu raspundeti!
  • This is a phone number from 1993 with the Macho Man Randy Savage in it promoting the WWF Macho Machine - a workout system.
  • threatened to have me put in jail, if I didn't make payment arrangements with them. What is crazy, is that they are calling the wrong guy@! It's another guy in my same town with the same name as myself. They don't want to hear that, though....
  • He called last night. Claimed to have reached a wrong number. How did he know he had reached a wrong number when I didn't say who I was? I asked him who he was and he muttered a reply. DID NOT SPEAK CLEARLY BY INTENTION! Apologized and hung up.
  • Talked for 11 sec but cant remember it due to it was night and I was piss ass drunk
  • I newer call back, when number is unknown
  • I called back twice, and they hung up on me before even talking. Finally they answered by saying "Sunshine GMC" which, I hung up on them.
  • I have filled out 3 DO NOT CALL notifications on this same number and they keep calling. I will file another complaint with and continue to post notes about this number. Pretty sure its a car warranty scam call.
  • rude jerk trying to provide horribly priced computer repair services at an outrageous rate! Stay away. Warning, total con.
  • Loud TV in the background, did not speak clearly, mumbled my name
  • no one answered... i think it is a fake number
  • I got an unsolicited text message from this number. Did anyone else?
  • is it fun to sell stuff that u dont got ; ) ?
  • called me in the middle of the night in Egypt. Grrrr
  • Called multiple times in one afternoon. Wouldn't leave a voice mail.
  • Dropped an F-Bomb and hung up.
  • as of dec 08, any calls from that number are from me... so you should not be receveing any odd calls, unless i get bored
  • ok so like this person is so messed up theyare a girl really pretending to be a boy, like WTF? i dont get it, but i swear to gosh that its tru,
  • I missed the call. I tried back and the phone number is disconnected
  • I said "Hello. The woman on the other end said "I am sorry, I must have dialed the wrong number." I replied "OK'. She said she was sorry and hung up. It just seemed odd so I Googles the number and found it to have a connection to PayPal. Many of the items listed under Google were people sayiong that in connection with the call they had extra or unwanted charges then appear on their accounts. Hmmmm
  • I have been mislead and scammed through the company. I purchased a so called "ATA MagicTechDevice" - which simply means (analog telephone adapter). It was sent to me through a COD mail via Canada post. I received a Magic Jack which retails for only $39.95 for which they have charged $150. I have contacted Magic Tech Device numerous times however I haven’t been able to get through to anyone. I spoke with someone named Shahid (no last name was given), Tahir Ali khan as well as Mumtaz Rathod who confirmed that I was going to have a replacement at no cost, which hasn’t happened (probably never will). I was also given a tracking number: LH9*7*49***CA, confirmed and repeated by Mumtaz Rathod (if these people even exist) By the way, the tracking number did not exist and I was told Canada Post takes a long time for them to load up. I also spoke with someone named jack who sounded and had an Indian accent. I threatened to take a lawsuit class action against this company by emailing them on their contact details listed on their webpage and mentioned all the individuals involved will be reported. I spoke with someone name M. Kashif Ali, who emailed me the confirmation of the refund cheque as they had agreed to pay me the difference as it was a mistake --Obviously not. I was given the following contact number from which they call you back and not answer it as "they don’t want the customer paying for long distance charges", 1-603-326-4250, the number is now going fast busy. I have posted his confirmation email below: Dear Mr. User, As per our conversation, your refund has been approved on the following conditions: You have paid an amount of CAD 150. We shall refund you the amount LESS all of the following costs: - $39.95 (cost of the device), and - Shipping charges (as per actual) as incurred in this process Please provide your consent to the same by replying as "I agree", so that we may issue your refund. Kind Regards, M. Kashif Ali Customer Services Magic Tech Devices The information transmitted is intended only for the addressee(s) and may contain confidential, copyrighted or privileged material, or all. Any review, receipt, dissemination or other use of this information by non-addressees is prohibited. If you received this in error or are a non-addressee, please contact the sender and delete the transmitted information. Magic Tech Devices does not take any responsible for viruses and/or spyware through this mail. You are requested to keep your PC security software up-to-date Watch out people, I bought this device specifically because they claimed it would have a local Toronto number and you’d be able to call internationally – everywhere for a minimal cost of $25 per country. Please also note, if you get to the point where you have recieved your consent email to recieve the final refund cheque. They block your email address after so you're not able to send them the consent email.. funny - I know- I also know that they will loose the $100 they've made off of me. Miserable, pitiable, and barefaced creatures - Go to Hell MagicTechDevice and all that were involved.
  • They called twice, both times just played the entirety of the song "Puff the Magic Dragon" and then hung up.
  • Withdrawals Mysteriously showed up on my bank statement
  • Movies were due back
  • This is a recorded message about the coming of Christ or Buddha
  • this peron called me asking me stuff about my family friends. she knew me better than i did. this. well to make a long story short i hungout with some peeps back in the day that were doin some shady stuff. and i got introuble for it too. which i shouldnt have went to jail at all. just becuase i lived at that place . at the wrongplace at the wrong time with stupid friends. 3 weeks later my door was kickd in and i was bum rushed. BEWAREEEEE. i read some other blogs that were saying this person isnt real. but the jail sint no joke. only if i knew
  • Calling from a fax line trying to say that she has been seeing my friend behind his girlfriends back.
  • regarding a voice message he left on my cell
  • either a prankster or a disturbed veteran
  • It costs me several euros per month, I don't call them, they don't call me.. I have no idea what this is about but I don't like it.
  • States I am owner of an absolutely new Bell cell phone with a bunch of added features to numerous to mention. He (broken english) and persistent wanted my date of birth and social Insurance # and was really ticked when I wouldn't give it to him.
  • she keeps trying to sell me her baby
  • Message reads I am coming to get you and I wont stop until I find you. and posts a picture of some guys tattoed chest
  • They called me all I heard was this is "your on the line with paps" and then i just heard a lot of prople talking to each other it was very weird
  • "...get paid for using your cell phone:...random.
  • they prank called
  • Man was very rude and condescending. Beware of an ill mannered person
  • Very bitchy woman, mistakenly dialed, jumped down my throat.
  • random text from this number. text said "102.5"
  • Said it was steak and shake and my number was left for a call in order.
  • herro this chinese mailing, we have prostitute ready for you, you come pick up at 8 tonight at docks
  • Asked for a Detective Lanagan. Caller sounded nervous. When asked what area code she meant to dial, caller got nervous and said 959 or 951.
  • Nigerian investment scam regarding Venezualan oil money and AIDS.
  • It's a man from switzerland
  • They sent me a text that said "@Ye, dis deaundre, who is u". I don't know this person.
  • John McCain called and I said, what up dude if you had my best interests youd stab yourself
  • This "company", whoever they are, have been calling and either hanging up or not leaving a message for quite some time now. When I try to call back the number on the caller ID, it is either busy, or there is no answer. The few times I have answered and actually spoken with someone, a very rude man asks for my husband, insisting he had requested information from them, which he never has. When I ask if I can take a message, he hangs up on me. This is the latest number they are calling from. I feel that we are being harassed.
  • Hi please give me your credit card
  • yep... cash number, got called few seks ago
  • scam as I have no acct with them!
  • this guy is a scammer who runs a scam research and writing company in which you work for a month and then he never pays you, never answers your emails, and hangs up when you call. he said his company was "creative Publishing House"
  • Pretty sure it was a scam but he did have all kinds of information Height weight eye color and last but not least information on my home loan. Wanted banking information and social security #.... put him on hold and looked up the number and found it listed on this page so I am adding my experience.
  • they dont stop phoning even when u tell them not to phone again. very persistent!!
  • 9/12/09 rec'd call on cellphone. Don't know the number so didn't answer. No voicemail left either. Probably a scam like others I get and no messages left either
  • trying to get ahold of siemens medical dianostics
  • The person that calls from this number sounds like an elderly woman and she keeps saying she is looking for her son. She calls at absurd times of the night and constantly throughout the day. I am ready to report the calls to the local phone company, the FCC, the FTC... whichever handles harrassing calls.
  • If someone called from this number it's a good thing. You're probably a mother/parent who applied for child support. It's Child Support Enforcement calling you back.
  • ممكن تكلمنى
  • Calls looking for various people. Intimated that he was hooked on drugs and was looking to score some heroin or cocaine.
  • Cheater...Caught texting my wife...
  • A note was found on my car wrapped in cigarette cellophanes. it said my name and left this number stating that the person wanted to talk to me about something. no name was left and the number is actually a cell phone belonging to a real estate agent named steve.
  • It's true! I just found this number in my *now EX* boyfriends phone with some really nasty text messages. He says he met her online and nothing has happened but the text messages say otherwise and finding this site makes me not believe that.
  • I was sent a random photo from this number of play dough turned into a penis...........!
  • Called informing of the next meeting for Greensboro Lesbian & Gay Singles
  • Money Mark. This is a check cashing place.
  • They called and all you heard was someone smacking on what sounded like gum.
  • "Hey coach, congrats on the move. i look forward to watching you and know you'll do well.i had a great experience, thanks for that. merry xmas, costello
  • calling for someone who does not live here
  • great plumber ty Paul great job...we love our new furnace
  • I'm on the do-not-call list, and this is the third time in the last two days I've received calls from unknown numbers (including the above) and nobody answers.
  • You messed with the wrong Cat...See you soon
  • just kept hear a beep like the phone line was being recorded
  • This person calls and harrasesme every weekend after 9pm.
  • Apparently this is "Nicole's" Phone But she had no record of calling me 3 times ???
  • Called for a Reganald Sheppard, message starts by asking if this is not Regenald then please disgard this message. Then the same voice says she will be in the office until 5:00pm. Kinda of a seductive voice. Down side is, she is probably a bill collector. No lost love hear, WGAS, just hang up!
  • That Fucker is calling like 20 times a day and yelling some weirdo bullshit into his phone. It's supposed to be a joke. VERY FUNNY. He's not registered anywhere.
  • Did not leave a message. this is a new phone I got last week with so WTF?
  • hi there i really dont recollect
  • Too many of these unknown numbers showing up. Thy're terrible pests.
  • When I answered, nothing happened. Then some odd beeping noise... It wounded like a bee and a microwave put together. The only reason it upset me was because the call came at 7:10am (eastern)
  • He has been calling my place of employment for at least 20 years. He tends to speak in gibberish, but can talk normally if questioned. Not dangerous as far as we know, but can be quite annoying.
  • just called, but no voice, nothing then hung up.
  • Caller called and asked for my husband by name. The caller was inknown to us, was forceful and tried to get personal information from me about our new vehicle warranty. This was a fraudualnt call. *Never give out personal information to anyone who calls you. Or ask for a return number that you can check out and you will call them back at the number listed at the ligitimate companies website.
  • Bitch called early in the morning repeatedly. I shut the phone off. They didn't leave a message. They ruined a great dream. I hope they drop dead.
  • does this work?1
  • tried to purchase a $5000 standby generator with a stolen credit card.
  • I answered the call. After a long pause, the male voice on the other end of the line said; "Do you know someone who is overweight?" That's when I hung up.
  • I have no idea who called me but they called me at 4:00 am California time. Isn't that illegal?
  • says I won a meet and greet dinner with the jonas brothers
  • This is a pathological fraud. Watch out for this man, he is dishonest and in need for serious help.
  • This number mention they work for Refinancing, and work for the goverment to help out people. be careful
  • Who are u
  • probably a police phone number
  • Automated Alert System from AlertNOW! They have no unsubscribe and this is a new number they are calling! So much for automated technology. Pennridge and other schools that use this need a way to unsubscribe!
  • had this number show up on my caller ID. When I called it back a few minutes later, I got a recording saying "you have reached a number which has been disconnected or is no longer in service."
  • this is her boyfriends phone and she is may accidentally call this # and she will call you back claiming you are sleeping or having sexual realtions with her man...what a bitch
  • someone mysterious and freaky whatever u do dont answer!!!

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