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Foam Tapes and VHB Tapes

Foam Tapes and VHB Tapes

3M Company is an international brand name that is recognized globally. 3M spans the globe with divisions offering products that range from medical to electronic markets. When I was a younger boy I remember knowing who 3M was at 5 years old. I knew that they made tape. However, what I did not know was that 3Ms Tape Products reached much farther than the home tape products that I was familiar with. After coming aboard at NEDC, I learned an incredible amount about the diverse range of products offered by 3M. I learned all of this because NEDC is an authorized converter for 3M Company. For that reason NEDC is able to offer a number of products that 3M offers through distribution and converting.

Since NEDC is an authorized converter for 3M Company most of the products offered are in tape form. There are a number of different tapes offered by 3M, including protective tapes, electronic tapes, single sided tapes, laminating tapes, and more. NEDC converts 3M products for many industries including electronics, military, aerospace, and energy markets. Some common 3M products utilized by these industries include VHB Tapes, EMI/RFI Absorber Tapes, and Polyimide Tapes. With all of the products that the converter status affords NEDC, we are able to expand our services we can offer significantly. These services include:

Kiss Cutting

Kiss Cutting is the process of die cutting through one layer of a multilayer material. Typically this is done to the backing material, leaving the liner fully intact to ease in packaging and installation.

Die Cutting

Die Cutting is the process of cutting through materials with a “die” that is configured to the shape of the specific part that needs to be cut.


Slitting is usually done for tapes and adhesives when the size of the roll is not manageable at its standard length. This can be done for a number of reasons including packaging, ease of converting, or perhaps assembly. For example, this process is commonly done with VHB Tapes to ease application of the tape.


NEDC has access to an incredible amount of different transfer tapes offered by 3M. Transfer tapes are commonly used to laminate substrates. They call them “transfer” tapes because the liner is coated with a lower surface energy material to facilitate adherence of the adhesive to the substrate. This makes the adhesive “transfer” to the new substrate. NEDC uses transfer tapes to laminate different materials ranging from silicone rubber to microwave absorbers. Some common transfer tapes that NEDC is familiar with include, 9482PC, 9472, 9471, 9472LE, and more.

For more information on NEDCs converting abilities or if you have questions on different tapes offered by 3M, please contact sales@nedc.com.

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