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At NEDC, we cut many high-performing materials. One common material that we see is ECCOSORB. However, one of the more common ECCOSORB products NEDC sees is ECCOSORB MCS. This broadband RF microwave absorbing material is widely used in many industries across applications. NEDC cuts parts out of ECCOSORB MCS frequently for customers ranging from commercial electronics to defense electronics.


ECCOSORB MCS is a thin, flexible silicone rubber elastomer loaded with magnetic particles. These magnetic particles help to prevent cavity resonance. The frequency range of this broadband absorber is 0.8 GHz to 18 GHz. This makes it effective across a wide spectrum of microwave applications. ECCOSORB MCS is used to attenuate creeping waves and reduces cavity resonances. ECCOSORB is electrically non-conductive with a volume resistivity of 2 x 108. The service temperature of ECCOSORB MCS is a maximum of 170°C. It features the well known UL 94 V0 rating meaning it is fire resistant. It is used in commercial telecom, and security/defense. It has low outgassing with a total mass loss of .3%(TML) and .05% of collected volatile condensable materials(CVCM). The low outgassing nature of this material makes it perfect for space applications. The attenuation vs frequency chart is shown below.  As with other microwave absorbers, these are designed to function on top of a metal surface within the cavity. The unique intersection of all these qualities makes ECCOSORB MCS a good candidate for many applications. NEDC usually sees this absorber as a go-to for many aerospace/military accounts for their microwave absorbing needs.


ECCOSORB MCS can either be die-cut or waterjet-cut into custom shapes.Typical availability of ECCOSORB MCS is 12’’ x 12’’ sheets. Standard thickness is .040’’ for this absorber. Many times users either use RTV to bond the material to covers, or tape. NEDC commonly fabricates covers with RF absorbing materials for its customers as well. ECCOSORB MCS is available with an acrylic PSA on one side. This carries the designation SS6M for tape on one side. For more information on ECCOSORB products, or you believe you have an application that could use, please contact sales@nedc.com

Eccosorb MCS Datasheet Download

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