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Die Cut Gaskets vs. Laser Cut Gaskets vs. Waterjet Cut Gaskets


At NEDC we operate many pieces of cutting machinery. We operate state of the art conventional die cutting machines, laser cutting machines, and waterjet cutting machines. In this blog post, we thought we would delineate the differences between all of these machines so...

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Rogers COOLSPAN® TECA Laser-Cutting


NEDC laser-cuts many materials with its laser-cutting machines. One of the most frequently cut materials at NEDC is frozen epoxy films. Many of these film materials offer thermal and/or electrical conductivity. COOLSPAN® TECA from Rogers Corporation is a thermally and...

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Ablefilm® 5025E™ Preforms


At NEDC we die-cut and laser-cut many types of adhesives. One adhesive that stands apart is Ablefilm® 5025E™. This film is one of the most common converted at NEDC via laser-cutting or die-cutting. 5025E is an unsupported electrically/thermally conductive epoxy film...

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Gaskets, Thermal Pads, Absorbers, Epoxy Films


Like many people, I have pet-peeves. One of my small pet-peeves is when a company says “We are a one-stop shop” Well, if that were true a customer could literally just drop a BOM on your lap and expect that entire product assembled in a quoted lead-time. While there...

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Thermal Conductivity is Not Everything


One thing we commonly hear in the thermal management industry is “This has 5 w/m-k and that has 1 w/m-k, so this one with 5 w/m-k must be better.” We thought we would write a blog to discuss how oftentimes this thinking paints a poor picture of what the situation...

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Laser & Die Cutting Ablefilms


NEDC offers many types of materials, including electrically insulating materials, thermally conductive materials, and electrically conductive materials. A brand that deals with all of those types of materials in adhesive film form is Henkel Adhesive Films. These...

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NEDC has been die-cutting thermal pads since its inception in 1982. One of the more popular products Sil-Pad 900S by Henkel’s Bergquist. It is one of the most commonly die-cut materials NEDC converts. This product is part of the Sil-Pad family, featuring great thermal...

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