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poron gaskets

poron gaskets

At NEDC, dust seals and gaskets are a main product we offer our customers. It can be difficult to find an effective gasket that meets your price range, but is also tough enough to get the job done with little hassle. Luckily, Rogers PORON® gets the job done. In this blog post, we discuss 3 of the top reasons to choose PORON® for your dust gasket. 



-Low outgassing

-Excellent Chemical Resistance(we suggest you test in application)

-Excellent Compression Set Resistance

-Easy to die-cut/otherwise fabricate

-Good general temperature range


The ratio of utility to cost effectiveness is very high for PORON®. The reasonableness of cost for these gasketing materials is very good. 


There are many types/firmnesses/densities/and otherwise custom thicknesses readily available that will get you a solution that fits your needs. 

There are a number of options: Extra-Soft, Very-Soft, Soft, Firm, Very Firm along with a number of standard thicknesses and densities. One added bonus of PORON® is the amount of test data available. One of the challenges that a design-engineer has is reviewing little information about a material. With Rogers’ they have compiled an immense amount of data about their materials that is available for review. The chart available for download below details out the standard/non-standard options available for PORON®.


NEDC uses die-cutting/waterjet cutting to fabricate PORON® gaskets into unique shapes. In addition, PORON® gaskets are available with adhesive tape backing, such as 3M 9472, or my favorite 3M 467MP. For more information on PORON® gaskets, please contact sales@nedc.com


Downloadable PORON Product Availability Chart

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