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epdm gaskets

EPDM Rubber is one of the most common materials seen in the gasket industry. The proper name for EPDM is ethylene propylene diene monomer. As a gasket manufacturer, we probably use the word EPDM everyday. We use it for tape strippings, foam, or solid gaskets. 


EPDM is used for outdoor, and higher temperature applications. It has great resistance to water/steam, UV, ozone, aging, and other weathering. It can either be sulfur/peroxide cured. EPDM is generally thought of as the outdoor material that is extremely tough. It is also known for its mechanical properties of being generally stronger than most other elastomers. This is because it has excellent outdoor properties. For example, the rooftop covering material at NEDC is made out of EPDM. The building was built in 1970. For all these reasons, that is why EPDM Gaskets are oftentimes used. However, there are some drawbacks of this elastomer.


-Little Resistance to Solvents, Lubricants, and Hydrocarbons

-No flame resistance


Specification(s): Durometer
AMS-3260 45-55A
MIL-R-900 40-50A
MIL–R–83285 75A-85A
MIL–R–21252 80-90A
ASTM D2000 CA/BA Varies




Door, Window, & Trunk Seals

Electrical Insulators


Cellular options are available for EPDM. Closed Cell Foam products are often used in applications where the properties of EPDM are desired, but would prefer a more easily compressed option. EPDM Sponge/Foam are offered in both semi-closed cell, crushed-cell and closed cell options. These foams can range from extremely soft (0-5 psi) to medium softness (9-13psi). The below products show whole EPDM sponges/foams. However, many other sponge/foam products use a blend of polymers to create more versatile options to achieve a mid-range in many categories material. The table below shows some different products available:

Specification(s) Product Density
ASTM D1056 1A0B2C3F2M Ensolite EF0 4-8pcf
ASTM D1056 2A1A2C1F2M/ASTM D6576 Type II B/C Soft F-3061 3-6pcf
ASTM D1056 2A2C1F2M/ASTM D6576 Type II B/C Soft/Medium RE42EPT 4-6pcf
ASTM D1056 2A3/ASTM D6576 Type II B/C Medium Durafoam™  P497SHD  16-25pcf




Door Panels


NEDC is a manufacturer of gaskets. We use waterjet-cutting, and die-cutting for EPDM Gaskets. NEDC often provides tape backings for EPDM rubber products. Our tape of choice would be an acrylic option. For more information on EPDM Rubber or you believe you have an application that could utilize EPDM, please contact sales@nedc.com.

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