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A lot of times when I’m explaining to someone what I do for a living, I almost feel like saying “I play with giant cookie cutters all day.” 


  1. To most people it seems hard to explain that our customers just send me a print and we say whether we can make it or not. It’s hard to explain to people:
  1. We make many different shapes, sizes and products for our customers
  2. It sort of ultimately boils down to just cutting a shape out of a material.
  3. There is not just one type of material we cut. Many of our products fall into a few different groups. Thermal Pads, Gaskets, Die-Cut Insulators, Absorbers, and Epoxy Films are our most popular categories of materials we cut, however sometimes material can fall in between those or outside of those. An example of this is, we cut light-absorbing paper often enough- but it’s not something we do all the time.


Many times, our customers will send us a print of material from McMaster-Carr and say “Can you cut this into this shape?” The answer is normally yes, as long as its its flexible and we can cut it with a:


-Steel Rule Die


-Knife Cutter

-(perhaps even scissors)

We have received inquiries for materials ranging from kraft paper to our specialty, silicone rubber. Of course, naturally there are always special exceptions to what we will not cut. These include hazardous materials, or materials that we strictly cannot cut. For more information on die-cutting or you believe you have a material that NEDC can cut into a shape for you, please contact sales@nedc.com

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