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sil-pad 800 rolled

sil-pad 800

Sil-Pad 800 is a thermally conductive pad that belongs to the Sil-Pad family. It is a thermally conductive silicone rubber that is reinforced with a fiberglass carrier. It is electrically isolating while also having a compliant surface conducive to use in both high, and lower pressure applications. 


Sil-Pad 800 is a good value proposition for someone looking for a thinner thermally conductive sheet product that provides an economic thermal performance to cost ratio. We often see this pad consume higher footprints than competitive pads. 

-Thermal Conductivity of 1.6 W/m-K
-Thermal Performance has a very good relationship with pressured applications(see attached datasheet)
-Hardness of 91 Shore A

-Wide Temperature Range of -76° to 356°F. 

In addition, Sil-Pad 800, comes in a thickness of 0.005’’.  It has a wide temperature range & is flame retardant with a UL 94 V0 rating. The fiberglass reinforcement makes the pad pliable but yet conformable. 


Oftentimes, NEDC die-cuts these pads into typical transistor shapes for packages such as TO-220, TO-247, and TO-218. SP800 comes in a bright gold color. For more information on Sil-Pad 800 or you think you have an application that could utilize Sil Pad 800 aka SIL PAD TSP 1600, please contact sales@nedc.com

Sil-Pad 800 Legacy Datasheet

SIL-PAD TSP 1600 Datasheet

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