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NEDC Sealing Solutions partners with GrafTech International to convert their eGraf materials into finished products via die cutting for military/defense applications.

graftech-internationaleGRAF® thermal solutions by GrafTech offer a unique combination of flexibility, weight savings and performance improvement to the electronics industry. With a diverse, award-winning portfolio of products, GrafTech pioneered the use of flexible graphite technology for thermal management. By providing market leading thermal conductivity at a fraction of the weight, every eGRAF® solution is manufactured to challenge and expand the constraints of today’s thermal design capabilities.

For more information regarding eGRAF® please visit www.egraf.com. If this is not a military application please contact GrafTech direct.

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NEDC has been die-cutting thermal pads since its inception in 1982. One of the more popular products Sil-Pad 900S by Henkel’s Bergquist. It is one of the most commonly die-cut materials NEDC converts. This product is part of the Sil-Pad family, featuring great thermal...

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