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GAP PAD TGP HC3000 aka Gap Pad HC3.0, Die-Cut, Custom Cut Shapes


Whenever a customer comes to me looking for a middle of the road option available in today’s world, that is:  -Soft & Compliant -Low Outgassing -Available in many thickness options -Economical yet good thermal properties I will look towards Gap Pad HC3.0 aka...
EVs(Electric Vehicles) & Thermal Pads


In February, I just took possession of an electric vehicle. It got me thinking, electric vehicles use a lot of thermal interface material, don’t they? Batteries are the life, and blood of electric vehicles. They control the entire car; air conditioning, heating,...
Henkel Announces New Ultra-Low Modulus Product | GAP PAD TGP 12000ULM


Henkel has launched the Gap Pad TGP 12000ULM under their Bergquist product line. This silicone material is filled with thermally conductive particles to impart the highest thermal conductivity to date of 12 W/m-K. This is an exciting development for the Gap Pad...
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