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Rogers COOLSPAN® TECA Laser-Cutting


NEDC laser-cuts many materials with its laser-cutting machines. One of the most frequently cut materials at NEDC is frozen epoxy films. Many of these film materials offer thermal and/or electrical conductivity. COOLSPAN® TECA from Rogers Corporation is a thermally and...
R10460 Silicone Sponge Die-Cut/Waterjet Cut


As discussed in many of the posts that we write, different materials are what make up NEDC’s DNA. The beauty of die-cutting lies in the different materials and the versatilities they may offer. One material that offers significant versatility is the flame retardant...
Sil-Pad 900S Thermal Pad


NEDC has been die-cutting thermal pads since its inception in 1982. One of the more popular products Sil-Pad 900S by Henkel’s Bergquist. It is one of the most commonly die-cut materials NEDC converts. This product is part of the Sil-Pad family, featuring great thermal...
Low Modulus Thermal Pads- High Thermal Conductivity Thermal Pads


One of our core products at NEDC is thermal gap pads. Oftentimes when engineering a new thermal pad into a design, one of the key considerations along with thermal conductivity of the pad is the softness and compliance of it. How well the pad wets out onto the...
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